Almonte Riverside Inn and Kitchen

Almonte Riverside Inn and Kitchen
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When I go on a trip to a small town, I always try to find a family-run inn or bed and breakfast to stay at. The feeling of “home” while away is always nice.

Don’t get me wrong – a little spoiling and pampering at a 5-star resort is always nice too!

So when I started planning my trip to Lanark County with Lanark Tourism, I was very happy to come across Almonte Riverside Inn and Kitchen. It had the “homey” feel I love, yet was still upscale, especially with their on-site restaurant – ARKitchen.
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Located on the Mississippi River, Almonte Riverside Inn and Kitchen is a heritage estate in Almonte. The inn itself isn’t large, with only a handful of rooms – but the property is spacious. You can wander down to the waterfront of the Mississippi River or relax on their patios before taking a dip in the river – weather permitting, obvs!
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Though it was winter when I visited, and everything was covered in snow – limiting the patio time to next to nil – the views, as you can see, were beautiful. Catching both the sunset and sunrise was a sight to be seen. There are also gardens you can wander around and even use host events or weddings.
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Almonte Riverside Inn and Kitchen is a converted estate. So after walking up the flight of stairs to get to our room I was puzzled as to why we didn’t have keys for the room. That’s when one of the owners showed up that you actually didn’t get a key. You entered a 4 digit personal code for access to your room!

Très cool.

I didn’t know what to expect when walking into the room. Pictures on websites can be decieiving…but I was pleasantly surprised when we entered! It looked just like the pictures online. Bright, airy and a gorgeous Tiffany Blue colour on the walls.

I loved it!




After settling into our room, we were asked what coffee or tea we would like brought to our room before breakfast the next morning. After having an amazing dinner at Cafe Postino, this little touch was greatly appreciated! It was exactly what we needed to get started on the second half of our trip! I sat at the antique desk in the morning, getting some writing done and getting ready for another busy 12 hours.

It’s the little things that count, right?

Not only were we asked about the coffee and tea for the morning, we were also asked to decide what we would like for breakfast the next day. A lot of times you will only have the option to choose one dish from the menu. At Almonte Riverside Inn and Kitchen, you can order whatever you’d like!

Knowing we would be hungry, with a busy day ahead of us…we ordered a few different options.

ARKitchen often change their menu depending on what is available locally. The chef thrives and encourages using fresh, local ingredients wherever possible on the menu. Not only is one of the owners a chef, they also brought in a chef from Montreal who has worked in some of the top restaurants in the city!

Side note – check out the presentation of the breakfast dishes below. How beautiful are they?


Shirred Eggs, Greens, Brie & Breadcrumbs

I have to admit…I had absolutely no idea what Shirred Eggs were before we ordered them! LOL I pulled out good old Google before the dish arrived and found out they are eggs, baked in a flat bottom dish. These were baked with greens, brie cheese and topped with in-house made breadcrumbs.

It was delicious! We dipped our toast sticks in too!

Coddled Eggs With Toast Strips

 Almonte Riverside Inn and Kitchen
Michelle had grown up eating Coddled Eggs. I, like many things, had never tried them before. I know, I know – my eating habits have been…limited – but I’m working at expanding them! Sheesh…let it go, guys!
Anyways…the coddled eggs, let’s get back to that. They were fantastic! Again, taking our toast strips – we used them for dipping. This was a nice, light egg dish. As with every other dish, there was a serving of fresh fruit on the side as well.


Poached Pear Red Fife Pancakes

 Almonte Riverside Inn and Kitchen
Now these bad boys were something else! Pancakes made with red fife wheat and poached pears. All.Of.The.Noms! Lanark County is the maple syrup capital – so I knew when we ordered the dish that the pancakes would be served with the good stuff.

And boy, were they ever!

The pancakes were light and fluffy, though made with red fife wheat. The pears, perfectly poached added to the consistency of the pancakes. I just couldn’t stop eating them!
We may not have a lot of time to spend at Almonte Riverside Inn and Kitchen – but the time we did spend there was pristine. From sitting on the upstairs patio watching the sunset, to laying in bed watching movies after an amazing dinner, then devouring a delicious breakfast – everything at Almonte Riverside Inn and Kitchen was just lovely.
I would love to go back to Almonte and stay at the Almonte Rverside Inn and Kitchen in the summer. Spend some time laying on the dock catching some rays before taking a dip in the Mississippi River!

You can learn more about the Almonte Riverside Inn and Kitchen HERE

Disclaimer: My stay and breakfast were complimentary as part of the Press Trip to Lanark County, however my views are, as always – entirely my own and I really am looking forward to going back int eh summer!

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