Celebrating The Classics With The Campari Red Diaries

There is something to be said about the classics. Take a look at La La Land, for example. This movie brought us back to a time in cinema where style and class were keystones to making a good film. The music and dancing generating an infectious joy over the audience. The story telling bringing the audience to a state where they feel as though they are, in fact, part of the story itself. Instant classic.

The same can be said for certain cocktails. Cocktails, such as The Negroni, are classics that never go out of style. The fresh citrus burst from the orange, combined with the distinct Campari taste is a combination like no other. Whether ordering at the bar, or making yourself one at home – you can’t go wrong with the classic, The Negroni.

Fun Fact: The Negroni is one of my all-time fave cocktails, a def go-to when I’m out at the bar in the mood for a sipping cocktail.

The Campari Negroni


1oz Bulldog
1oz Campari
1oz Cinzano

Stir ingredients in mixing glass to chill
Pour over ice in rocks glass
Orange zest over the cocktail, orange zest to garnish

Campari is changing the game in 2017. Bringing to life the idea that “every cocktail tells a story,” – they’re launching the Campari Red Diaries. Crafting cocktails is a form of art, one in which you can express emotions and share experiences – and the Campari Red Diaries will showcase just that.

A bartender, a woman, a murder. Here’s Paolo Sorrentino’s short film, “Killer in Red” starring Clive Owen.

“Campari is an Italian icon which has garnered global love and attention due to its strong, intrinsic sense of aesthetic and well-defined style – the very same qualities I pride myself on. With this year’s campaign embracing the realm of film, I really wanted to ensure I harnessed the theme of storytelling with an intriguing intensity. Working with Clive was fantastic – his compelling presence and enthusiasm allowed me to create a short film which I hope proves fresh, inspiring and imaginative.” – Paolo Sorrentino

Be sure to follow the entire Campari Red Diaries series all year by subscribing to their YouTube channel HERE.

If you had to tell a story with a cocktail, what would your story be?