What I Devour | The Meal To End All Meals At The Citizen

Have you ever had one of those meals that was just so amazing that you couldn’t stop thinking about it, even weeks later? Like – you would find yourself day dreaming about that delish plate of pasta you devoured…or that succulent steak that was cooked so perfectly that it just melted in your mouth?

The Citizen Toronto

I have, and recently, might I add. A couple of weeks ago I was invited out to The Citizen for a hosted dinner. I was able to briefly stop by the media launch of the new menu for The Citizen a month or two ago, but I didn’t get a chance to try any of the food. (I triple booked myself on events that night and by the time I got there…it was too late. #FailJJ) I did chat with other bloggers who had a chance to try the dishes – and everyone was raving about every.single.thing. So when the team invited me out for dinner, needless to say – I was more than happy to go out!

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Oh How The Times Have Changed…Na Zdrowie With Wybo

Back in my hayday I would be out at the clubs on the regular. I mean, like – I would work at them five nights a week and party at them the other two. Our little crew of industry peeps would have our own booth where we would order up bottles on a Tuesday night…just because. Or, as you can see below – if it was my birthday and I clearly got a little too knife-happy. LOL


In fact – some of my best memories from my twenties revolve around the nightlife industry. I’ve made some great friends there…and my longest relationship started in a club.
 …that’s a whole ‘nother post, on a whole ‘nother subject matter though…stay tuned for that one…and get your popcorn ready because it’s a dousey.


the good old days

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Anyways, I’m getting off topic here. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah – that club life. When I was working, whether I was bartending or doing bottle service – the most popular drink of choice was always vodka. Always.

“Hey, sexy – can I get a vodka soda?” *rolls eyes*

#TBT to my bartending days 💁

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It makes sense though. Let’s be honest, vodka is freaking delicious. You can mix it with juice; you can mix it with soda. You can have it on the rocks; you can have it as a shot.
That actually sounds like an alcoholic version of a Dr. Seuss book. LOL

Either way you slice your limes – vodka is a pretty universally liked drink.

Actually, vodka makes up 20-25% of spirits sold in North America today…so, the stats are there…it’s one of the most popular spirits.

While the more popular name brand that describes a certain colour of a certain animal is pretty good – there are other options out there, guys. Broaden your horizons once in awhile. Try something new. Just saying.

My friends at Wybo recently sent me a bottle to try out and that I did. Obvs. In fact, I tried this Polish vodka with a Polish person. And – on top of that, he who shall not be named actually said he preferred Wybo to some of the other more popular vodka brands, and he wasn’t just saying that because he’s polish and rooting for his home brand.

Pro Tip: Keep your vodka in the freezer. It won’t freeze, and is best served ice cold, baby.

After some poking around on the Wybo website, I noticed they have a few different cocktail recipe suggestions. Colour me intrigued!

These are a few of my fave Wybo cocktails:

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CONTEST | End Of Your Summer With #AromaAndChill

#aromaandchill aroma espresso bar


…It’s about that time, guys.

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are cooling down; the CNE is here and all of the stores are filled with back-to-school specials.

It’s official – summer is winding down and coming to an end. womp womp

Living here in Toronto, we need to embrace our summers as much as humanely possible, because we only get a short time to do so!

These few months with sunshine and warmer temperatures fly by so quickly if you blink, you’ll miss them! *

*not really, but it sure will feel like it when we’re hit with our first snowstorm…

aroma espresso bar drinks

So, what should one do to end of their summer with a bang?

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Foodora Keeps You Fed With Delivery Anywhere

foodora #DeliveryAnywhere

Here in Canada, we don’t get as many warm months as other places do. So we have to utilize and optimize each and every great weather opportunity we get. Summer is all about being outside and enjoying the sunshine every chance we get, right?

foodora #DeliveryAnywhere

So when I found out that Foodora delivers anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE – I knew exactly what to do. I called up my friend Jen and told her to get her little butt downtown for a picnic in the park!

Foodora knows what’s up, so they’ve launched the #DeliveryAnywhere option.

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Eating My Way Through The 6 In The Ford Fiesta

#FiestaFoodie | Exploring Toronto, Turrono, The 6 – in the Ford Fiesta. 

Ford Fiesta Foodie

I don’t think it’s been proven exactly where the nickname “The 6” came from. It could be from our local area codes here in Toronto, 416 and 647…or, it could be from the fact that the city is built of six boroughs that combine to make Toronto. Either way, thanks to Toronto’s fave local boy done good, Drizzy Drake – the term “The 6” is here to stay.

Ford Fiesta Foodie

The six boroughs are just part of what contributes to creating the multi-cultural awesomeness that is Toronto. And while it may not always be easy to get around the city (#TTCproblems, am I right?!) – I always try to encourage people to get out there and explore. The city has so much to offer and if you can, you should venture out to each of the six boroughs to see it all for yourself.

Heading out and exploring and finding new hidden foodie gems around the city is one of my favourite past times. I’m a city gal, born and raised – and I love finding the hidden gems, the mom-n-pop shops that the locals of each ‘hood swear by.

Ford Fiesta Foodie

A couple of weeks ago I got to partner with Ford Canada to do exactly that. I got my hands on what may very well be the best city-driving car ever, the Ford Fiesta – and headed out to find some delicious eats; the best flavours (and hidden gems) that only a true Torontonian would know about.  

Ford Fiesta

A #FiestaFoodie weekend in the Ford Fiesta

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CONTEST | Kick-Off Summer At Taste of Toronto

Taste of Toronto showcases the true flavours of the local food scene.


Toronto is not new to the whole food-festival thing. The city is home to numerous festivals all year long. While some go off without a hitch and others are…not so great. Well – Taste of Toronto is def one of the good ones!

Now in its 13th year, Taste has rapidly grown to become part of the social season for foodies, restaurant-lovers, and chef groupies in 19 different cities around the globe.

Taste of Toronto

Each and every Taste festival all around the globe is heaven on earth for foodies. A combination of world-famous chefs, some of the cities top restaurants preparing their fave dishes, delicious cocktails paired with fabulous entertainment – all in a great outdoor setting (hello natural lighting making for the perfect Instagram shot) equals a guaranteed good time.

The four-day Taste of Toronto festival runs with six sessions (afternoon and evening) that are each around 4-5 hours. During that time, you can load up on your crowns and feast on your pick from over 50 restaurant dishes, check out the stalls for some goodies you may want to take home, and even participate in some interactive fun such as live cooking demonstrations.

Taste of Toronto

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#JJcooks | Gluten Free Linguine With Shrimp, Zucchini, Corn, Tomato, Olive Oil And Mint

Celebrating #GlutenFreeFridays with #CatelliFamilies

Gluten Free Fridays

Let’s be honest here, easy-to-prepare recipes (that are still full of flavour, mind you) are literally my favourite. It can be difficult to find the time and energy to prepare a meal for one after a long day. Too often I find myself either ordering in, grabbing something on my way home – or even just going out. I’m trying to change all of that though, and cook more at home. So when my friends at Catelli reached out to see if I would be interesting in partnering to showcase their new line of gluten free pasta, I couldn’t wait!

Summer is the perfect time for a light pasta dish made with delicious vegetables and a surprising ingredient – mint! This Gluten Free Linguine With Shrimp, Zucchini, Corn, Tomato, Olive Oil And Mint was super easy to make, and even easier to devour!

I suggest pairing this dish with a nice chilled white wine (I went with a crisp Sauv Blanc) and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer dinner!

Gluten Free Linguine With Shrimp, Zucchini, Corn, Tomato, Olive Oil And Mint

Gluten Free Linguine With Shrimp, Zucchini, Corn, Tomato, Olive Oil And Mint

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#JJcooks | Genuine Health Guilt-Free Peanut Butter Cups

Guilt-Free Peanut Butter Cups With Genuine Health fermented vegan proteins+

Genuine Health Guilt-Free Peanut Butter Cups

If you’ve been following me on Twitter and/or Instagram – or even just here on le blogaroo – you’ll know that I’m working on living a healthier and happy life. Getting up earlier and clocking in some kms as often as possible, but the most important change I’ve made has been in my diet. Sasha said it best, “You simply can’t out train a bad diet.” So it really doesn’t matter if I workout five or six times a week, if I’m feeding myself crap – I won’t see any changes.

I mentioned before how I am trying (“trying” being the key word there, folks) to limit myself to one 24-hour “cheat” period each week, and other than during that time – I am eating healthy, clean foods. But – I am human. I have wants and desires and cravings that sometimes NEED to be filled! Get your mind out of the gutter, guys – I mean my sweet tooth.

One way I’ve been battling my sweet tooth cravings is with apples and peanut butter. This classic treat reminds me of when I was a kid and would come home from school and have a little snack before dinner. While it’s great and tasty…sometimes it’s just not enough, especially if it’s after I’ve been working out and need to fuel my body with a bit more protein.

Guilt Free Peanut Butter Cups With Genuine Health

The lovely folks at Genuine Health shared the easiest, best recipe for this exact situation.

Guilt-Free Peanut Butter Cups With Genuine Health fermented vegan proteins+

Peanut butter is chock-full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat; the good kind of fat. It’s also full of protein and potassium, which aides in lowering the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. In addition to these benefits, peanut butter also contains fiber – assisting with bowel movement, magnesium to help fortify your muscles and bones – as well as Vitamin E and antioxidants.

While Vegan protein supplements have grown in popularity over the years, there have been some downsides. It’s been known to produce side effects including digestive distress and bloating – but Genuine Health has changed all of that with their new Genuine Health fermented vegan proteins+ products.

Genuine Health fermented vegan proteins+ Key Benefits:

  • No bloating
  • Strengthens gut and digestive health
  • Maximizes protein and nutrient absorption
  • All‐natural and non‐allergenic with no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives
  • Made with non‐GMO ingredients, and tested for purity and potency to guarantee effectiveness

So it was a no brainer for me to try out the Guilt-Free Peanut Butter Cups made with Genuine Health fermented vegan proteins+ recipe. All the health benefits from peanut butter and the additional kick from the with Genuine Health fermented vegan proteins+ recipe…plus, chocolate.


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CONTEST | Pizza Love At Queen Margherita Pizza

Queen Margherita Pizza – Authentic Neapolitan Wood Burning Pizzeria

Queen Margherita Pizza

So, here’s the thing. Since I’ve started making an effort to eat better and exercise more, I try to only allow myself one 24-hour cheat day per week. M does the same, which makes it a whole lot easier for me to stick to. Typically our 24-hour cheat day falls on Saturday, AKA – date night for JJ and M.

Needless to say, M and I always look forward to our Saturday date nights. Sure – we get to see each other and go out, which is awesome – obvs – he’s hilarious and simply the best, but…but…BUT – we also get to devour delicious food.


Once we decide where were heading for date night out of our ever-growing list of restaurants that we want to check out –  the anticipation builds daily. Seriously – not a week goes by where a text saying, “Is it Saturday yet?” isn’t sent between the two of us.

Our love for food is just one of the many things we have in common. I’m not going to lie, leading up to our date nights we usually end up drooling over the restaurants Instagram feed for days prior to Saturday night. LOL Don’t act like you haven’t done it yourself!

Anyways – such was the case this past week when we knew we were going to be heading to Queen Margherita Pizza.

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I’m A Martha Stewart In The Making With Chef’s Plate

Chef's Plate

As someone who lives all alone (except, of course – for my pets Precious and Lucky Number Seven) and who up until a couple of weeks ago was out more often than not – grocery shopping was always a frustrating experience for me. I really, really dislike wasting food – but I constantly found myself having food leftover that was, how do I say, umm…not-so-fresh. Not to mention the fact that most items are sold in larger quantities than a solo gal would need. *fights air*

Fact: In North America, 40% of the fresh, perishable food we buy in grocery stores gets thrown out.

So when I decided to make the conscious effort to eat healthier and start cooking more at home – I was a bit overwhelmed at first. I didn’t have the time to scour Pinterest for recipes, let alone go out shopping for heaps of groceries. So – what’s a gal to do? Well lucky for me, my friends at Chef’s Plate reached out with an amazing solution.

Redefining the Way Canadians Eat

Chef’s Plate was born from the idea that we believe cooking quick, healthy and exciting meals at home should be more accessible. But it comes with too many hassles. We know you’re busy, and if you’re anything like us, your busy routine leaves little time to decide what to cook, find recipes, hunt for ingredients and put a great meal on the table.

Chef's Plate

Chef’s Plate‘s mission is to make cooking fun again by eliminating the hassle. Chef’s Plate sends out flavour-packed meal kits designed their very own Executive Chef. These meal kits include all the pre-portioned fresh ingredients and easy to read and follow recipe cards, to make a gourmet meal in 30 minutes or less. Perfect for my busy schedule!

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