5 Reasons Why Norfolk County Should Be Your Next Weekend Getaway

I am a HUGE fan of the weekend getaway. Like, huge.

I work full-time, so while I do get a few vacations days per year – it’s not always easy to book off an extended period of time. So weekend getaways, especially if able to plan one over a long weekend – are ideal.

Long Point Eco Adventures Norfolk County

So when my friends in Norfolk County invited Mike and I out for a fun-filled weekend getaway recently – we JUMPED at the opportunity!

Experience the small town atmosphere and rural charm, our unique architecture and heritage.

I have a special place in my heart for Norfolk County. I used to spend every summer out there when I was a kid. My grandmother grew up down there in Simcoe, and her parents (my great grandparents) had a house there until a few years ago. While the house may no longer be in the family – the memories I have are some of the fondest, and are ones I will always cherish.

While I may be a bit biased, I think that Norfolk County is THE perfect weekend getaway, and here are 5 reasons why.

1. Say Buh-Bye To The Traffic

Listen, if you live in Toronto, chances are when you think of getting away for a weekend on the water, you’re thinking of heading up north. But – if you’re from Toronto you will know how stupid ridiculous the 400 highway is…especially on a Friday night or Sunday evening. NO THANK YOU.

the simpsons traffic jam giff

That’s just one of the great things about Norfolk County. You can get there and be on a beach or in your cabin in less than 2 hours. Instead of heading north, you simply head south west towards Lake Erie – also known as Ontario’s South Coast.

Norfolk County’s most popular tourist attractions are the beaches, ports, towns and villages along Lake Erie, known as Ontario’s South Coast. These towns include Port Dover, Turkey Point, Long Point, Simcoe, Delhi, Waterford and Port Rowan.

2. Fill Your Belly With Deliciousness

There’s just something about the food in a small town, you know? Those places where things are locally sourced and the chefs use everything local and fresh. It’s just bEtTeR.

I’ve visited a few delicious restaurants in Norfolk County, but one of my new faves is definitely The Combine. We went out for date-night dinner during our recent weekend getaway, and holy smokes was it ever delicious.

Menu built with local bounty.


3. Drink Exquisite Wine…And Cider…And Beer

Ok, if you’ve been following me on social media for even just a short period of time, you’ll know I love me a good cocktail…or glass of wine…or cider…ok, you get the picture. The locally grown deliciousness in Norfolk County doesn’t stop with what’s on your plate. There is a plethora of wineries and breweries in Norfolk County for one to explore. On our recent weekend getaway we explored Blueberry Hill Estates and The Cider Keg.

Blueberry Hills Estate Norfolk County

Looking for a tasty alternative to the wobbly pops? Don’t worry – The Cider Keg has a wide selection of non-alcoholic ciders that are simply scrumptious. I’m not just saying that. We went out of our way to stop there and bring home 4 bottles. (…not sponsored).  

4. Swim With The Fishies…Or, Just Admire Them From The Beach

Norfolk County is home to not one, not two, but three beaches; Port Dover, Turkey Point, and Long Point. And you know what? They don’t call it Ontario’s South Coast for nothing! The beach in Port Dover literally has palm trees. PALM TREES, guys! I mean, they’re flown in…but still. You can escape the city and spend your days sipping deliciousness on a palm tree lined beach WITHOUT HAVING TO CATCH A FLIGHT.

port dover palm trees narcity

pic courtesy: narcity

Do I really need to say any more?!

5. Do All Of The Activites…No, Seriously – All Of Them

When Mike and I visited Norfolk County recently we stayed at Long Point Eco Adventures, and let me tell you – the “adventures” in the name is well-placed.

Long Point Eco Adventures Norfolk County

Here, you can arrange your getaway to include things like:

  • Kayaking
  • Axe Throwing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Zip Lining and Canopy Tours
  • Fishing
  • Mushroom Foray
  • Zodiac Boat Tours
  • Apiary Tours
  • Observatory
  • Leisure Bike Tours

…just to name a few.



Ok, I think I’ve said enough. It’s time for a few words from Mr. Mike himself.

Long Point Eco Adventures:

Long Point Eco Adventures Norfolk County

“Tent? What tent? It was more like a luxurious nylon home! Breakfast was awesome – all locally sourced. Meats were fantastic. Some of the best bacon and home fries I have ever tasted!”

Side Note: I’m not 100% sure what the tents themselves are made of, but – the amenities are top-notch.


    • Eight king suites
    • Seven double queen suites
    • Private flush toilet and outdoor shower
    • Hot and cold running water
    • Mini-fridge
    • Hardwood floors
    • Sliding glass locking door
    • Private deck
    • Electrical outlets
    • Free outdoor parking
    • Activities concierge
    • Full hot buffet complimentary breakfast

Nighttime Zipline:

“My saviour was the darkness, don’t think I’d have enough balls to do daytime. The instructors were great!”

Side note: I’ve now done both the daytime and nighttime ziplines at Long Point Eco Adventures and both are wild. It provided a bigger rush than I had ever expected.


Axe Throwing:
“This was extremely fun! I learned that I was an expert after 29 throws. Jenn Jenn was ok too

Side note: First off, thanks Mike. LOL Secondly – axe throwing was a lot more fun than I had expected! I wasn’t really sure WHAT to expect, to be honest – but this entire experience far exceeded whatever expectations I had set. It was A LOT of fun and – on top of all of that, I got bullseye…more than once. So, there’s that.

Overall Thoughts:

“Mikes Total Trip Score: 4.5 / 5

I’m only rating it a 4.5 because I was outdoors and I hate bugs. Long Point Eco Adventures is legit 6 / 5…but..bugs. I hate them.”

Side note: …remind me to tell you the story of how I accidentally let a grasshopper into our wilderness suite…and Mike locked us both out until we could decipher a plan to get the grasshopper out…then, when we did get it out – I was locked out of the suite until I made sure it was far, far away.


You can learn more about, and start planning your next weekend getaway to Norfolk County here: www.norfolktourism.ca


Big shout out to Norfolk Tourism for bringing Mike and I out, and thanks to Long Point Eco Adventures for hosting us.

We’re Hitting The Road Again! | Road Trip To Norfolk County

Let me tell you, I love me a good road trip. And I have been on plenty in my lifetime.

I’ve driven from Toronto to Las Vegas; Las Vegas to Vancouver; across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto. I’ve driven to Montreal many times; driven to Ottawa; done mini road trips around Ontario…and last year, Mike and I drove down to Boston. In fact, it was last year at this time that we were in Beantown!

jenn and the city fenway park

I surprised Mike with Blue Jays vs Red Sox tickets for his birthday because I know how much of a Blue Jays fan he is. Since the very first day we met, we talked about the different ballparks we’ve been to and the ones we really wanted to see. Fenway Park was a big one for both of us, and neither of us had ever been! So when I started thinking of birthday presents for my babaganoosh, this came back to mind and I knew I just HAD to get us tickets!

The drive down was gorgeous and the whole trip was just one of those memorable experiences that now bring those silly inside jokes only we know…as any good road trip should!

Want an in on one of our inside jokes?
The next time you see Mike, ask him how much a bottle of water costs.

We’re likely heading down to Denver (flying, not driving) over Labour Day weekend for a baseball tournament that Mike plays in every year, so another week-long road trip wasn’t really feasible this summer. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t go on a road trip at all!

I’m so excited because we’re heading to Norfolk County for a gifted experience at the beginning of August!

jenn and the city norfolk county

Norfolk County is only about an hour and a half southwest from Toronto (depending on traffic), but what’s even more exciting is that Norfolk County holds a very special place in my heart. My great grandparents had a house there, in Simcoe, my entire life. I would go out there every summer as a kid (picture proof above…peep my model stance LOL), and even into my adult life – that house, that town – was always the one steady constant I had in my ever changing life. But alas, things change and the house got sold…and my trips down to Norfolk County became fewer and further apart.

So when I was chatting with my friends at Norfolk County Tourism, and they invited us out for a weekend – I jumped at the chance to walk down memory lane…and even create a few new ones with Mike!

Of course, I’ll be sharing our fun adventures here on le blogaroo and on my Twitter and Instagram feeds because I want you guys to see how much fun you can have so close to home…and how to do so while avoiding the mess that is Highway 400 in the summer. LOL!

Torontonians – you know what I’m talking about!

Where Is Home? Creating A Lifetime Of Memories In Norfolk County

As someone who has moved more times than she can count (seriously, it’s over 30 times and I’m only 32 years old) – it was always difficult to know where “home” was. Sure – I had my house/apartment…where I would go every night and lay my head – but where was HOME? Well – that was always my great grandparents house in Norfolk County.

No matter where I moved in the city, and eventually across North America – that house, my great grandparents house – was always home base.

Norfolk County’s most popular tourist attractions are the beaches, ports, towns and villages along Lake Erie, known as Ontario’s South Coast. These towns include Port Dover, Turkey Point, Long Point, Simcoe, Delhi, Waterford and Port Rowan.

I would spend every summer here with my grandmother. We would take a bus into Hamilton, Ontario bright and early, have breakfast or lunch at the mall (she’d always treat me to a McDonald’s happy meal) then wander over to the thrift store to browse the bookshelves while we waited for our second bus that would eventually take us right into Simcoe, Ontario.

jenn and the city norfolk county

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Oh, Look – There’s Jenn Again…Look At Her Sucking At Adulting #TypicalJJ

I see people around me, with so much more responsibility – spouses, kids, multiple jobs, mortgage payments, hiding their receding hairlines, dealing with that one lone nose hair that refuses to give up, (it’s like – go away Hairy Larry* – no one likes you!) and I wonder to myself, “How the heck do they do it?!”

Then I’m left feeling like complete dirt about myself, more so than normal, because these functioning adults are kicking butt at adulting and doing all the adulting they can…and I’m sitting here having wine and ordering pizza for dinner…again.

I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with wine and pizza.

They’re two of my most favourite things in the whole entire world…but I mean, put a vegetable in your body once in a while, Jenn. Sheesh.

So as I stuff my face with another slice, slurping down wine in between bites – I had to wonder to myself…

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Exploring And Creating With The New 2017 Fusion Energi Platinum

Fusion Energi Platinum

Fusion Energi Platinum

A couple of weeks ago I was invited out to celebrate the launch of the brand spanking new 2017 Fusion Energi Platinum. After meeting the group of fellow bloggers down in the historic Distillery District – we were given a brief presentation highlighting some of the new features of this gorgeous car.

Fusion Energi Platinum

Meet the all-new 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Platinum

When it comes to embracing boundary-pushing electric vehicle technologies and exploring their potential, Ford is making strides today with our sights set on the vehicles of tomorrow.

And the next step towards this future is something to really embrace—meet the all-new 2017 Fusion Energi Platinum. Click on the infographic below to get up close and personal with it.

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Find Yourself Again At Casa Velas’ Divorcee Getaway

Casa Velas

Sometimes life will throw you a curveball and things won’t always work out as you had planned. That’s alright though; you just have to dust yourself off, and get back in the game. And what better way to do that than in sunny Mexico? The fact that this resort has a “handbag bar” where guests can enjoy use of a “loaner” designer handbag at no extra charge is just an added bonus!

Casa Velas is a luxury all-inclusive boutique hotel and ocean club for adults only, reminiscent of a Spanish hacienda, and nestled on the greens of Marina Vallarta’s 18-hole golf course. The hotel features a private ocean club and is just minutes from the beach. It has received the AAA Four Diamond Award for hospitality seven times and has been in the top two in TripAdvisor for Puerto Vallarta since 2010.

Casa Velas

The team at Casa Velas understands that life can be complicated and they have partnered with relationship expert Natalie Moore to put together a getaway for people going through what can only be described as a tough situation. Let’s face it – divorce can be messy and heartbreaking, but through it people often find a strength and sense of self that they didn’t know they had. Casa Velas has arranged a getaway for divorcees

Divorcees looking to reconnect will restore their inner sense of harmony and launch a new life while enjoying a luxurious vacation on the Pacific Coast of Mexico during Casa Velas’ Divorcee Getaway, May 4-8.

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There Is So Much More To Do In Québec Region Than Developing Frostbite

Québec Region

Winter doesn’t last forever, so I really think that we should enjoy it while we can! Just make sure you are dressed appropriately, bundle up – and embrace every season our lovely country has to offer. You don’t always have to hop on a plane and head somewhere exotic to have a fabulous vacation! There are so many awesome spots closer to home that are great year-round.

One such awesome place is Québec Region.

Designated a World Heritage treasure by UNESCO, Old Québec is the only walled city north of Mexico. As the cradle of French civilization in North America, it’s a living history lesson with a remarkable mix of architecture, heritage, art, and culture.

Québec Region

Did you know that Québec City is the only fortified city in North America north of Mexico, with close to 4.6 km of walls and imposing gates to explore?

Bundle up and take a walk as you discover beautiful cityscapes and see how Québec’s defenses developed under the French and English regimes.

Cannons, loopholes, a star-shaped Citadel and its changing of the guard, Artillery Park, and fortresses are all easily accessible through this walking tour.

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I Met My New Boyfriend In Quebec City At Carnaval De Québec


While most people try to escape the cold and head somewhere warm during the winter months, I was given the opportunity to do the exact opposite! I was recently invited out to Quebec City to experience Carnaval de Québec (#MonCarnaval)…and best of all – meet a Bonhomme himself!

Mon Carnaval

The first large winter Carnaval de Québec in Quebec City, the world’s snow capital, took place in 1894. Often faced with winter’s hardships, the city’s population reinvented this popular tradition with a winter celebration that warmed up the hearts of all of it revellers.

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#Explore44 | 44 Hours at 44 Charles

44 Charles

Picture this, it’s Saturday afternoon and you decide you’d like to go for a swim after working out in the gym. So you grab your towel, jump in your elevator and head to the 51st floor where you indulge in some R&R in the pool, all while overlooking the magnificent Toronto skyline.

Now that you’ve worked up an appetite, it’s time for some lunch. So you dry off, and head downstairs to Bloor Street Market to pick up some food. Since it’s such a gorgeous day, you head to the courtyard and have a picnic surrounded by the beautiful trees.

Saturday night is date night. Obvs. What are you thinking? Maybe catch a movie then grab some dinner and cocktails at The One Eighty? That’s sounds pretty nice to me!

On Sunday – we brunch. It’s a tradition. So you head downstairs from your suite and go to Bloor St. Diner where you feast on the brunch buffet while enjoying the patio and live music.

Sunday evening you decide to have some friends over for a little get-together. So you head downstairs to the LCBO to pick up your fave cocktails, grab some munchies from the Bloor Street Market and decide to splurge on some new, fun cocktail glasses and favours from Indigo. You head one of the party rooms in the building and prepare for your mini cocktail party.

That sounds like a pretty nice weekend, right? To top it off – all this can be done without even stepping outside!

…if you live at 44 Charles.

Welcome to 44 Charles West in Manulife Centre.

Built in 1972, the award winning Manulife Centre was Canada’s first major mixed-use development and at the time, the 51-storey residential tower was the tallest building in the British Empire.

Today, Manulife Centre is a multi-faceted complex encompassing a vibrant mix of commercial, retail and residential environments. Minutes away from some of the world’s most celebrated museums and galleries, Manulife Centre is ideally located in the heart of mid-town Toronto, in the stylish Bloor-Yorkville Village.  The 800-suite residence at 44 Charles West offers the comforts of luxury living at the center of the very best of Toronto’s commercial and cultural core.

I recently had the pleasure of having a mini staycation at 44 Charles, a luxury rental building right in the heart of Yorkville. I was put up in one of the many guest suites that are available for all residents of 44 Charles.

44 Charles

My weekend was jam-packed with a fun itinerary showcasing the highlights of what life would be like if I lived at 44 Charles.

Located near Bay and Bloor – 44 Charles is walking distance to so many awesome attractions and restaurants.

On Friday night, myself and a guest headed over to The Pilot where we got awesome seats on the rooftop patio. Over dinner and cocktails we got to enjoy the vibe, and the view – and easily walk back to the suite.

Oh…a lil mac and cheese never hurt nobody #Explore44

A photo posted by Jenn and the City (@thejennandthecity) on


If you’re going to The Pilot – I highly suggest the mac and cheese, it has bacon in it and it is fabulous.

One of the awesome bonuses of living at 44 Charles is that anything and everything you could possibly want or need – is right there.


I was craving some croissants and baked goods for breakfast, so I jumped in the elevator and headed downstairs to the concourse level and visited Timothy’s.

Here, there was no shortage of noms to indulge in!

Next, it was time for a swim.

Pool time with this babe! @jbunny5678 #Explore44

A photo posted by Jenn and the City (@thejennandthecity) on


We headed to the 51st floor where we got to take a swim and enjoy the Toronto skyline in all its glory.

44 Charles

44 Charles

After our swim, we were hoping to have our lunch in the fabulous courtyard – but the weather took a turn for the worse, so we grabbed way too much food some food from Bloor Street Market and enjoyed a mini-picnic in the suite.

44 Charles

The courtyard would have been nice, as it’s filled with greenery and lovely trees, all overlooking the streets.

Once the weather cleared up a bit more – we took a short walk over to The ROM and played tourist for the day.


With the Pompeii exhibit – and all the cool dinosaurs, there is no shortage of fun to be had there, no matter how old you are.

Side note – did you know you can get married at The ROM?! I had no idea, but I’m obsessed with the idea now!

Saturday night was a fun one! I had a handful of girlies come over and we had a TEA-quila party in the club room at 44 Charles.

Girls Night In…missing @whatthedamnto! #Explore44

A photo posted by Jenn and the City (@thejennandthecity) on

Outfitted with a pool table, a big-screen TV and comfy couches, this is the perfect place to chill out after a long day.

44 Charles We headed down to Indigo earlier in the day to pick up some favours and essentials for the party and found this awesome tea mix for our cocktails. 44 Charles Right across the hall is the LCBO – perfect – and then the Bloor Street Market for all of the noms needed for our finger sandwiches and other treats. Honestly – it was all so ridiculously convenient.

My sister helped plan the whole TEA-quila party and even put together little gift boxes for the girls to take home. Prairie Girl BakeryThe lovely folks at Prairie Girl Bakery also provided a delicious cake for the TEA-quila party! How awesome is that!? As I mentioned – on Sunday, we brunch. Bloor St. Diner Brunch So we headed down to Bloor St. Diner for their amazing brunch buffet. With an endless supply of food, and a chocolate fountain – what more could you ask for?! 44 Charles Well, maybe mimosas…but obvs those were had as well. LOL

With the cocktails the previous night, and devouring our brunch – hitting the gym was a good idea. Luckily – not only is there a Goodlife Fitness, but there is also a private fitness centre right in 44 Charles!

Prefer to workout in the comfort of your own home? You’ll find cardio and resistance machines, free weights, stretching mats and two TVs. And to make your workout even more inspiring, you can gaze out at the 51st floor view of the downtown core. Use the fitness centre is exclusive to residents on floors 32 – 50.

The list of amenities at 44 Charles is endless.

  • Concierge – No one knows the neighbourhood like we do. Whatever you need, we’re here to make it happen
  • Library – Relax with a good book in our library. It boasts comfortable couches, a wide selection of books and even a piano. The space is popular for group discussions and book club meetings, and is a lovely spot to take a reflective moment for yourself.
  • Transit – However you travel, it couldn’t be easier to get to and from your home at 44 Charles Street West.
  • Guest Suites – Residents can put guests up in a stylish downtown bachelor or one-bedroom suite on the second floor of 44 Charles Street West, at rates as attractive as the suites themselves. These suites come with AC, cable TV, a Tempur-Pedic® bed, a coffee maker, and a bar/refrigerator, access to the fitness room and 51st floor pool.
  • Health & Wellness – Maintaining an active lifestyle is easy at 44 Charles Street West, where you’ll find a number of ways to work up a sweat without having to leave the building.
  • Urban Garden – This peaceful yet spacious spot – it’s larger than an acre – was built to feel like a private park with mature trees and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s complete with sitting areas and offers one of the best open-air experiences in the city. Pack a picnic and enjoy a sunny day.
  • Entertainment – Alone or with friends, there are no shortage of ways to have a good time at the corner of Bloor & Bay, especially with Manulife Centre at your front door. From movie nights to party nights, your social calendar is covered.

With a list of amenities like that, I think it’s safe to agree that living at 44 Charles would be ideal.

Living at 44 Charles is affordable and convenient, with suites starting at less that $1,500 a month – if I hadn’t JUST moved in May – I’d be tempted to move to 44 Charles myself! Especially because of the pool and that view!

It’s the perfect location for young professionals. Walking distance to some of the hottest and best restaurants and bars, along with some of the best shopping destinations – hello, the Mink Mile is right outside your door!

Transit is attached to your building, making your commute even easier. Remember – winter is coming and nobody likes walking in the cold and snow! LOL

If you’re in the market for a new apartment, or are just curious to see what’s out there – I highly suggest checking out 44 Charles’ website for more details.

Disclaimer: I have partnered with this brand for this post, however – as per usual all my views are entirely my own and I really am obsessed with the view from the pool on the 51st floor.

Four Points by Sheraton – Waterloo Hotel & Suites

Four Points By Sheraton - Waterloo

Four Points by Sheraton Waterloo – Kitchener Hotel & Suites is located in the heart of Southern Ontario, across from Conestoga Mall and minutes to the St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market, Antique Market, and Factory Outlet Mall. Our location is just over an hour west of Toronto and is only a short drive from the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF).


After a day of driving and sight seeing in Waterloo, we were very excited to check-in to our hotel! After a smooth check-in, we made our way up to the room.

The Four Points by Sheraton was perfectly situated in the center of all of our activities on the itinerary. Making it easy to get to to check-in, as well as go to and from for all of our other activities over the course of the 24-hours we were in Waterloo.

Four Points by Sheraton was hosting myself and my guest for the evening and decided to give us the Boardroom Suite!

waterloo 20

Get straight to business without having to leave your room. Hold a meeting in our Boardroom Suite during your stay and enjoy the privacy of your room while you conduct business at your own boardroom table. With a king room bedroom and double sofa bed and kitchenette, you will have everything you need. Enjoy:

  • Boardroom table with seating for four
  • Separate King bedroom
  • Kitchenette with microwave & refrigerator
  • Free Internet access & bottled water

waterloo 18

As if the amazing room wasn’t enough, when we walked in I saw a little treat on the coffee table, personalized for me!

waterloo 19

Filled with freshly baked cookies, fresh fruit, delicious chocolates and local tea – the welcome gift was a very sweet touch.

waterloo 40

The Boardroom Suite was massive. With a separate bedroom and kitchen area, as well as dining/boardroom table and living area – there was more than enough space for myself and my guest to be comfortable without getting in each others way.

Side note: how amazing would that boardroom table be for a game of beer pong?! Just saying…


At the end of the night, we got back to our room and decided against going out to another bar. Instead we opted for some quality girl time in the room and then eventually made our way down to the heated pool and whirlpool. Because all of my clothing was still packed from moving literally the day before – I sat on the sidelines and supervised. LOL


Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you need to break your daily routine. Take advantage our state of the art fitness centre during your stay at Four Points Waterloo – Kitchener.  Get energized with our brand new treadmills, bikes, elliptical trainers, free weights and other equipment.

Start your day off right in our bright, open fitness centre or relax with a dip in our indoor heated pool & whirlpool. At Four Points Waterloo – Kitchener, we make it easy to keep in shape while on the road.

Big thanks to Explore Waterloo Region for coordinating my 24-hour excursion in Waterloo Region and Four Points by Sheraton for hosting me for the night!

You can learn more about the Four Points by Sheraton, Waterloo HERE