Chapter 7 of 12 – Bring On The Sunshine

jenn and the city

Oh, hi guys! It’s been a minute since I checked in with y’all.

How you dooooin?

Life has been a bit hectic on my end and I’ve been left feeling like I am constantly playing catch-up. Couple that with my anxiety and it’s a recipe for trouble. #welp 

But I’m here, and I’m happier than I have been in a long time – and I feel like I’m getting back to myself…and my old ways. 😉

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So much has been going on, both in the #bloggerlife and personal aspects of my life. Truthfully – I kind of just needed a little time to pull myself back from being online as much and spend that time and energy elsewhere. Be it through my early morning solo runs that I consider my therapy, or spending some time with friends (both new and old alike) and family – I just needed some ME time. 

But – don’t you fret. I’m back, babes!

I have some GREAT stuff I’m going to be sharing with you over the next little while. I’m going to give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the events I’ve gotten to attend lately, and I have some killer recipes (both food and cocktail, because why the heck not) that I’m going to be sharing. I’ve partnered with some awesome brands and can’t wait to share all of that with you. 

I’m still continuing on my fitness journey and want to share that with you guys as well. I’ve had my ups and downs, some minor setbacks – but that’s life. Life happens and you have to find a way to power through and just do you. You know what I mean? There are no more excuses to be made. It’s all about living your happiest and healthiest life, however works for you.

And, of course, I’ll be writing more personal posts about life and love and everything in between. Sharing my stories has been therapeutic for me, and to top it off – getting such overwhelming responses from you guys through Twitter or Facebook messages and emails makes my heart so happy! 

Now I’m off to enjoy the long weekend and I hope you are too!
Sending all the positive vibes and sunshine your way.

jenn and the city