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The Spice Tailor Contest

Have you EVER met a picky eater? Are YOU a picky eater? What’s YOUR definition of picky eating?

When I was a kid, I was THE pickiest eater. Like, not the type who won’t eat a certain food because of the texture…no, the type who didn’t have a cucumber until I was in my 20’s.

True story.

I remember a time that my mother made simple white rice to go with our dinner. Simple, Uncle Ben’s white rice. A classic, right? However, there were white onions in it. Don’t ask me why…or how it worked (because, spoiler – IMO it did not) but, alas, this is what was served. I couldn’t eat it. I just could not.

Literally me right now as I’m typing this – I gagged.

Even just the thought of it…the memory…ugh. *shudders*

And, from that moment on I couldn’t eat onions. I was THAT picky of an eater.

Fun Fact: MY grandparents used to make these amazing pasta dishes. And they would always make a smaller batch on the side, without onions…just for me. Grandparents are the best, eh?

Anyways, I’m rambling. (Shocking, I know. LOL) But yeah, big-time picky eater over here.

It really wasn’t until I started blogging and going to these amazing restaurants and events that started to broaden my horizons. I mean, if you’re going to a 5-star restaurant for their launcg, and the head chef personally serves you…say, bone marrow – you just don’t say no.

(Unless your allergic or don’t eat something for personal/religious views – then that, I get)

But years later, I can still list off some pretty “normal” or “average” things that the everyday person has at least tried that I have never consumed.

Like what, you ask? Well…let’s see.

I’ve never had a slice of tomato on a sandwich or burger.
I’ve never had a dollop of sour cream on my tacos (or anything).
I’ve never had a fig…or a simple peach.
I didn’t even try Indian food until a few weeks ago!

And the only reason I did try Indian food for the first time was because a couple of weeks ago, my friends at The Spice Tailor sent me over some #bloggermail filled with (what I would soon find out were) delicious goodies! They sent me the entire Canadian line – which is 6 products: 4 sauces and 2 daals! I mean, that’s a lot of food!


The Spice Tailor is new to Canada and created by British-Indian celebrity chef and 8-time cookbook author, Anjum Anand.


I’m not gonna lie…I was nervous! Not only had I never tried Indian food before, let alone cook it all on my own! Thankfully, the meals from The Spice Tailor are so super easy to make. It’s a matter of three steps and adding your protein. Easy-peasy. Even I couldn’t screw that up!

So far we have tried out the Classic Butter Chicken (which I made and holy smokes was it ever tasy) and the Original Tikka Masala (which Mike made for dinner one night and used shrimp with and again, delish). I’m excited to try the other dishes! I think I’ll check out The Spice Tailor Recipes for a little inspiration!

The Spice Tailor

…but, now I also want to give YOU a chance to try it for yourself!


Enter below to win the entire The Spice Tailor Canadian line (6 products: 4 sauces and 2 daals).


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The Spice Tailor is now available in Canada at:

  • Sobeys Ontario   
  • Urban Fresh Ontario  
  • Select Foodland Stores Ontario
  • Longos
  • Select Federated CO-OP stores in Western Provinces (Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC)
  • Calgary CO-OP – Calgary and vicinity
Bonus Entry: Leave a comment on this blog post telling me your fave Indian food dish!
PS: Don’t forget to check my social feeds for more bonus entries daily!


*disclaimer: this is a sponsored post and I was paid and/or gifted products…but, as always – all opinions are always my own.


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