That Time I Finally Felt Human Again So I Went To #RockYourRide At CycleBar Leaside

OMG – you guys, I can’t believe how sick I have been over the past couple of weeks. It has been BRUTAL. My head pounded, my body ached, I blew my nose so much that it became tender to the touch…which was unpleasant every time I had to sneeze…which was often.

Everything just *~HuRt~* Le sigh.

The worst part? My fave guy had been sick too. So, it’s been about a month of taking turns making soup and restocking the Emergen-C and Buckley’s. LOL But, thankfully, we’re both FINALLY feeling better and are getting some energy back!

This energy came in handy last week when I dragged myself to my very first ever spin class at CycleBar Leaside.

I headed out to Leaside to the brand-spanking new CycleBar for their media preview night. This is the first and only CycleBar studio in Canada, however they’re looking to expand over the next year.

CycleBar Leaside

Now, I have to be honest with you guys. Between having a cold for what seemed like forever, and my laziness – I haven’t really been the most active. I’ve been skipping the gym in favour of staying in where it’s warm and cuddling. Not the best choice, I know…but it is what it is.

So, being as out of shape as I feel like I am, I was obviously a little concerned. I’ve heard so many stories about spin classes and how intense they can be…so, I reached out to my friends and followers to get their input before I headed to CycleBar.

Probably not a wise move because I was already nervous – and some of the replies I got were nerve-wracking.

But – I soldiered through and gave that CycleBar class my all and it was AMAZING. I’m not going to lie…the fact that there was a little cocktail party waiting for us after the class definitely helped push me through. LOL

So often I forget just how awesome exercising makes me feel. It’s tough to get the motivation to get up and out to the gym, but once I do – I remember just how worth it, it actually is. I left CycleBarCycleBar on an endorphin high like no other. Our instructor pushed us to our limit…and then just a little more. It was energizing! Honestly – I can’t wait to give it another try now that I know what to expect…and I encourage you to as well!

There are free classes running up until March 26th, that anyone can join by visiting the website.

The endorphins released while exercising are incredibly therapeutic for me. As someone who is in a constant battle with depression and anxiety – I’m always looking at finding ways to help make myself feel better, and exercise is an awesome option.

…now I just need to keep the motivation going and continue hitting the gym and heading out to CycleBar.