#DatingDiary | Taking The Plunge

Taking The Plunge

Rewind to just over a month ago…

“Well…that escalated quickly!” – I thought to myself that fateful night.

I had decided, yet again, to stay in on a Saturday night. Still recovering from being a little under the weather, I thought it was best to stay in and let myself fully recover.

Though – by about 8pm, I was feeling perfectly fine, so I poured myself a glass of wine and opened Tinder.


That’s where things escalated.

Multiple conversations began. Some with old matches,  some with new. I’m not going to lie – it was getting a little hard to keep track of all of the coversations and I had to constantly double check I was sending the appropriate message to the right contact.

I swear, Tinder is the perfect app for this digital age where everyone seems to have ADD!

Well, once I poured my second glass, I was in my groove. Having steady, fun conversations with a couple of gentlemen. Then the inevitable happened…I was being asked out on dates.

OH BOY! #nervous

That being said, I thought…what am I waiting for? Why put it off any longer?

So I agreed to a date later on in the week. Then, another gentleman I had been speaking with asked me out for the same week.

Well…alright….looked like that would be a busy week!

By the time I had finished my second glass of wine, I had a handful of dates set up for the week. Immediately putting them in my calendar as to not double book, of course.

I figured it was now or never…I had to start taking chances and actually get out there. Besides, each gentleman was not too hard on the eyes (in their pictures, at least) and each made me laugh…so, if there are no real connections, at least there will be some laughs.


And if not…at least I will be able to share some stories with you through my Dating Diary.