Drink D’Ont Poke The Bear Wine AND Support A Good Cause? Umm, I Can Do That!

One of the fun things I get to do through my blog is go to fun events and launches and tastings and parties. And every now and then a brand, or product, will stick out a little more so than the others. Recently, that was D’Ont Poke the Bear wines.

I went to my home away from home, the iYellow Wine Club for an intimate evening spent with wine lovers galore and one of the D’Ont Poke the Bear winemakers and founder, Andrew Von Teichman.

We spent the evening trying out both of the D’Ont Poke the Bear wines available, and learning all about how they became to be.

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D’Ont Poke the Bear Red 2016

A cheeky blend of Cabernet and Ontario’s newest favourite, Baco Noir, this beauty of a red blend can stand up to BBQ’s, campfires, docks and condo’s. It’s smooth, ripe and loaded with berry fruit. Drink responsibly and D’Ont Poke the Bear!

D’Ont Poke the Bear White 2016

A blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and a dash of Riesling make for a delicious, dry white that can pair with fresh fish, greens and local fruit. Drink responsibly and…D’Ont poke the bear!

So here’s the deal. The D’Ont Poke the Bear wines are delicious. They’re delicious, and they’re made right here in Ontario. Double win. But – on top of all of that, there’s a great initiative behind the wine.

D’Ont Poke the Bear is a VQA Ontario wine available in the LCBO for just $14.95 a bottle. AND for every bottle purchased, $1 will be donated to Friend’s First.

Friend’s First is a non-profit organization that helps to spread the message of connectedness to build a more kind and thoughtful world.

As someone who was bullied as a child, and had the effects from that bullying greatly contribute to my anxiety, lack of self confidence and overwhelming self-doubt over the years…I know first hand just haw traumatizing it can be to be bullied as a child. So when non-profit organizations, like Friend’s First come around – I like to show my support any way I can.

If that means I have to buy a few more bottles of wine, I mean – I guess I can do that!

“D’Ont Poke the Bear came to be through the passion of two people to create great Ontario wine and stick up for one another (who puts the apostrophe’s where they want).
(D’Ont Poke the Bear founders) Andrew and Allan were both bullied as children and have now created D’Ont Poke the Bear to celebrate those that fight back and put their friends first.  By donating $1 per bottle, they will set out to make this happen.”

You can learn more about the iYellow Win Club HERE
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You can see the availability at your local LCBO HERE

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