Just In Time For Valentine’s Day – Some Dos And Don’ts For First And Second Dates

New data reveals Dos and Don’ts for first and second dates just in time for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Over the past year, I have been on a lot of first dates. A lot. I mean, like…a ridiculous amount. Borderline embarrassing. The nerves you get before a first date can only be matched, if not surpassed, by the nerves you have before a second date. Those nerves are different…it’s not so much “meeting someone new” nerves, it’s more the “Ok, I actually like this person and want to see them again” kind of nerves.

According to a recent survey by Match, the prospect of a second date is an exciting one. In fact, while 35 % of Canadian singles are excited for first dates, the majority are more excited for a second date (65%)!

So…how do you go from a first date to securing a second? 

Second Date Match Canada
What if you wait too long? Worried about getting a second date? 

While that old rule of thumb for waiting three days before contacting someone again may have been thrown out the window – on average, you have 9.4 days to contact them again before you’ll be written off and a chance for a second date will disappear quicker than Milli Vanilli’s music career. 

While alcohol is technically a solution, what if you’re not sure if there was romantic chemistry?

Don’t fret – first dates can be all kinds of awkward! According to the Match survey, 50% of Canadians will go on a second date even if there was no romantic chemistry!

If you can make her laugh – chances are, you’ll get a second date. 

While 50% of Canadians will go on a second date even if there was no romantic chemistry, out of that 50% – women are less likely than men to go on a second date if there’s no chemistry. That being said, according to women, they will take a chance on a second date based on the other person’s sense of humour. 

Remember that viral story of the woman who used online dating apps to source men out who could shovel her car out from a snowstorm? Well…turns out she’s not alone in using dating apps and sites for reasons other than dates. One-third of Canadians would go on a second date just for the dinner or drinks. (I don’t condone this act, by the way.)

Thankfully, Match‘s recent survey shows that Canadians aren’t completely shallow. Wealth was the least likely reason to go on a second date if there is no romantic chemistry.

So, if you’ve headed out on multiple first dates and haven’t been able to score a second – takes these tips and prosper!

Big thanks to Kimberly Moffit, the Canadian Relationship Insider for Match and Match.com for conducting the survey! 

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