CONTEST | Tis The Season For Giving Back | Feeling Festive #WithRogers And Friends

Feeling Festive #WithRogers And Friends

The snow is falling, the trees are all lit, the carolers are caroling and Santa’s big day is quickly approaching!

Are you feeling festive yet?!

One of the sure-fire ways to get in the holiday spirit is by giving back. When you give back and share small acts of kindness – you’re actually giving back a lot more than you think. That random act of kindness could provide the smile someone needed that day. Your random act of kindness could inspire others around you, which will cause a ripple effect of kindness. And let’s face it – the world needs a little more kindness now more than ever.

What are some ways you can give back this holiday season?
  • There are so many families who struggle, especially during the holidays. Collect canned food to donate to a food bank to help feed those in need.
  • Clean up your closet and donate some old coats and dewaters to a homeless shelter. Take it up a notch and add in some (clean and new) socks. Socks are the most needed, but least donated item of clothing for the homeless.
  • Get in the kitchen and bake some sweet treats for your neighbours and coworkers to put a smile on their face.
  • Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Check in on that friend who was having a rough go. The holidays are the perfect time to connect with loved ones, near and far – and #WithRogers, you can stay connected not only during the holidays, but all year long.
Now, I’ve got another way you can spread some holiday cheer this season and it’s a fun one!

Just in time for the holidays, I’ve partnered with my friends at Rogers, Samsung, Google, Huawei, and The Shopping Channel to give back and spread some festive cheer with some fun giveaways!

Rogers and our friends were kind enough to send over a BIG box of goodies and now I’m finally able to share with you just what was in the boxes!

You ready to see what I’ll be giving away #WithRogers!?!? ? There are some really great goodies on the list!

…drum roll please.

Today’s Shopping Choice Gift Card #WithRogers

Today’s Shopping Choice Gift Card – $50 value

Huawei Headphones and Selfie Stick #WithRogers

Huawei Headphones and Selfie Stick – valued at $50

Google Home Mini #WithRogers

Google Home Mini – valued at $79

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier #WithRogers

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier – valued at $349.99


Google Pixel 2 XL #WithRogers

Google Pixel 2 XL – valued at $1,109.00

Tis the season for giving and giving back, so I want you to tell me someone who you think deserves a random act of kindness this holiday season!

You can nominate someone multiple ways:

  1. Nominate them in the comments below
  2. On Twitter mentioning me (@jennandthecity) telling me who you nominate and why – and using the hashtag #WithRogers
  3. Commenting on my festive #WithRogers Instagram posts and tagging your nominee (if they’re on Instagram)
  4. Head to Facebook and tag your nominee on my Feeling Festive #WithRogers post – and be sure to tell me WHY you’re nominating them
  5. You can even leave a comment on the YouTube video above

Keep an eye on my social feeds because that’s where I’ll be sharing which goodie you can win that day!

Mention and tag as many times as you want…and good luck!


Disclosure: As an official Rogers Ambassador, post and products are sponsored by Rogers – however, as usual, all opinions are honest and completely my own.



  1. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    I nominate my neighbour Barry for always being there to give me a hand with my renovations , car, grass, snow and anything else

  2. Deborah C says:

    I nominate my mother who is always there when you need her without any hesitation. She will never say no and always willing to help. #WithRogers

  3. Jana Liu says:

    I nominate my fiance. He has been working so hard for a long time trying to get our basement renovations done, I help but there is only so much I know and can do, plus he has been an absolute sweetheart during a difficult time this year #WithRogers

  4. Lisa Catania says:

    I am nominating my wonderful and patient dad~ who truly deserves to be gifted with a new Google Pixel 2 XL – which he was mentioning recently… … He is still working after his retirement and he is completely selfless… when it comes to others.

    ?❄☃️ This would only be a token of my grattitude towards him.

  5. Darlene Schuller says:

    I would love to nominate my daughter. She works 2 jobs and is raising 2 fur babies. She’s has on occasion borrowed my google home mini for various reason, music, recipes etc. I would love to be able to win her 1. I know it would help keep her organized and her schedule would probably flow better. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!! I hope you have an amazing holiday! #withRogers

  6. Brianne says:

    I hope it’s okay I nominate different people across the board!

    First up – 100% my dad. He has been a very no BS supporter this year with me running around with my head cut off trying to figure out what to do. He keeps it real and always puts what’s best for me first, even if it’s not what I want to hear.

    Also he’s the manager at the local Shoppers in my small town and my goodness he deals with a lot, especially at this time of year!

    • Jennifer says:

      Retail during this time of year? I can only imagine what he deals with! Good luck! #WithRogers

      PS: I encourage you to nominate multiple people, of all platforms for each contest! 🙂

  7. Virginia says:

    I nominate my mom margaret Lockyer she has been my rock through all my hard times and has given my children the best days she can and has gone without to see them happy. I think she deserved to win a gift of love and surprise for all she has sacrificed over the years to give me happy times and unconditional love..

  8. ivy pluchinsky says:

    I am nominating someone who I haven’t seen since I was a kid, who I think deserves a random act of kindness! Her name is Laura and she’s my cousins cousin and we used to have fun at her place. She deserves it because I think she is a great mom and anyone who gets up at 6 am to take their kids to hockey is an awesome parent! #WithRogers

  9. yvonne says:

    I nominate my 15 year old daughter. She is navigating her way through one of the most stressful decades of her life and yet she still does her chores and likes/wants to spend time with me. It would be nice to her receive a random act of kindness as a confirmation of human kind. Happy holidays!

  10. Marco Bairos says:

    There is so much good I can do with this prize pack. I would nominate my mother in law to win the phone. She just had a kidney transplant a few months ago. She hasnt been able to work in 2 years. She had a Samsung Galaxy S5 that broke on her and now she is using a 5 year old BlackBerry that doesnt work properly.
    I would nominate my sister in laws son(my nephew) for the google home mini. he is 12 years old and has a disability. When he came to my house and used my Google Home, he was so excited it answered all his question, and boy does he have a lot of questions.
    The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier I would nominate myself, I have been dying to get one. I have to be honest.
    The TSC card I would give to my wife, she does so much for me.
    I realize I have nominated people in my wifes family but the reason for that is her family treats me so well. I immediately felt apart of the family when I met them

  11. Lacey Willson says:

    I nominate my dad he is the hardest worker I know his cell phone is constantly giving him an issue I think his battery is dying and he really really needs a new one I would love for him to win #withrogers

  12. Stephanie says:

    I nominate my mom for being so selfless and caring towards others. Her strength, courage, kindness, and positivity inspire me everyday!

  13. Stephen Chin says:

    I would have to nominate my boss Seema D. Not only did she decide to start a clothing drive at our office. She single handledly filled a whole box of clothes. Plus we donated an additional 3 boxes to the salvation army today!

  14. Holly says:

    I’d love to nominate my husband. He’s been the sole supporter of our family of 6 for many years now. He’s always going into work early & staying late when needed. Never complains. Is still a very active dad taking our kids for bike rides, to practices or skating. #WithRogers

  15. Larker says:

    There is a wonderful lady @Jemrah1 on Twitter who would love a surprise Christmas gift, she is always doing kind things for others.

  16. Natalie says:

    I nominate my brother for so many reasons. He’s the best brother anyone could ask for (he once drove me into the city on a Saturday morning during a snowstorm because I had to write an exam then SAT IN THE PARKING LOT and waited for me to finish so he could drive me home too). He’s the sort of brother I can always count on no matter what. He just moved away and he’s working on Christmas Day so he won’t be able to come home for Christmas. It’s the first Christmas we won’t be together and I would love to make his holidays a little brighter.

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