Foodora Keeps You Fed With Delivery Anywhere

foodora #DeliveryAnywhere

Here in Canada, we don’t get as many warm months as other places do. So we have to utilize and optimize each and every great weather opportunity we get. Summer is all about being outside and enjoying the sunshine every chance we get, right?

foodora #DeliveryAnywhere

So when I found out that Foodora delivers anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE – I knew exactly what to do. I called up my friend Jen and told her to get her little butt downtown for a picnic in the park!

Foodora knows what’s up, so they’ve launched the #DeliveryAnywhere option.

foodora #DeliveryAnywhere

Foodora Keeps You Fed With #DeliveryAnywhere

Planning a picnic? They got you. Hanging out down by the Harbourfront Centre? No problemo. Just open up your handy dandy Foodora app, place your order and specify where you can be found.

For example, when I ordered I said, “On the white blanket, by the baseball diamond.”


So there we were, enjoying the sunshine and as easy as 1-2-3, I placed an order for some delicious Pi Co pizza. Shortly after hitting SUBMIT, the Foodora courier popped up, walking towards us like the pizza angel he was.

Our savior!

So get out there and enjoy the sunshine this summer! Start planning your next afternoon in the park with Foodora…and invite me. I’m always up for a picnic. 🙂

In fact, new Foodora users can use THIS LINK and save $10 off your next order!#ThankMeLater