Eating My Way Through The 6 In The Ford Fiesta

#FiestaFoodie | Exploring Toronto, Turrono, The 6 – in the Ford Fiesta. 

Ford Fiesta Foodie

I don’t think it’s been proven exactly where the nickname “The 6” came from. It could be from our local area codes here in Toronto, 416 and 647…or, it could be from the fact that the city is built of six boroughs that combine to make Toronto. Either way, thanks to Toronto’s fave local boy done good, Drizzy Drake – the term “The 6” is here to stay.

Ford Fiesta Foodie

The six boroughs are just part of what contributes to creating the multi-cultural awesomeness that is Toronto. And while it may not always be easy to get around the city (#TTCproblems, am I right?!) – I always try to encourage people to get out there and explore. The city has so much to offer and if you can, you should venture out to each of the six boroughs to see it all for yourself.

Heading out and exploring and finding new hidden foodie gems around the city is one of my favourite past times. I’m a city gal, born and raised – and I love finding the hidden gems, the mom-n-pop shops that the locals of each ‘hood swear by.

Ford Fiesta Foodie

A couple of weeks ago I got to partner with Ford Canada to do exactly that. I got my hands on what may very well be the best city-driving car ever, the Ford Fiesta – and headed out to find some delicious eats; the best flavours (and hidden gems) that only a true Torontonian would know about.  

Ford Fiesta

A #FiestaFoodie weekend in the Ford Fiesta

Starting my weekend off in the east end, I headed out to one of my fave wing spots in the city…and you all know how much I love my wings! Tara Inn Pub I’m not going to lie…it was getting a bit late and dark by the time we made our way out there…and any other time I had been there I was in the passenger seat…so I may have gotten a little confused and missed a turn or two.

Luckily the in-car Sync navigation system was able to get me all sorted out.

Ford Fiesta Foodie

After my partner-in-crime for the night popped in our destination’s address, we were all set. We made it to Tara Inn Pub and were able to enjoy the summer breeze while on the patio, stuffing our faces with some of the best wings in the city. Not too bad of a way to spend a Friday night, right?

The next day was a day filled with food. Surprise, surprise. LOL Like…honestly, the whole weekend was spent eating basically. I felt like I gained a solid 10 pounds by Monday morning! I may have avoided stepping on the scale for a couple of days…just in case. But anyways, Saturday was another scorcher in The 6 – and I tagged in my friend Jen to come along for some #FiestaFoodie fun.

First up? Heading out for a breakfast of champions – donuts. Because, #healthy. LOL

?? headed up to north york for some delish treats ? #FiestaFoodie

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The Rolling Pin is far from a hidden gem because they are very well-known in the city for their delicious donut creations, however – actually making my way north of St. Clair (let alone all the way to North York, lolz) takes some effort on my part. But, alas – duty called.

So I grabbed my Ford Fiesta keys and headed north. After our healthy breakfast that incorporated all of the major food groups (frosting, sprinkles, and sugar), Jen and I decided to do a little exploring.

Fun fact: when Jen and I get in a car together, there will 100% be singing and dancing and snapchatting. Pairing my iPhone with the Sync option made it easy to blast that LEMONADE and have a karaoke session while driving through The 6 with our woes. Don’t worry – I NEVER snap and drive. I actually never even look at my phone while I’m driving – so having the ability to pair my phone easily with the Sync made it convienient to chooce which music we wanted to hear, and even sync up my contacts in case I wanted to make a hands-free call. But as she was in the passenger seat – she did catch some quality snap vids of my singing abilities. Thank goodness snaps only stay for 24 hours. LOL Ain’t NOBODY gotta see all of that again!

So after our donut breakfast, my plan was to head to York. While I live downtown now, and love it, I actually grew up in York. I always get excited to head back to my old stomping grounds and take a walk down memory lane. While this isn’t always easy to do because I don’t have a car of my own and getting there by TTC is a pain in the butt – while I had my hands on the Ford Fiesta – I was going to make darn sure I visited the old ‘hood!

It’s crazy how the memories come flooding back once I get to the old ‘hood. I took Jen on a tour driving by my old high school; by where my first “I love you‘s” were exchanged; by my old house; by where I used to skip school to go and play fooze-ball, LOL; finally ending up at a mom-n-pop shop that specialized in Caribbean food. It’s one of those places that have been around forever, only accepts cash, and has that authentic goodness about them.

Ford Fiesta Foodie

After easily parallel parking the Ford Fiesta (it’s such a small car – so perfect for city driving and parking) – we made our way into the shop. The reverse sensing and rearview camera totally came in handy all weekend – helping me get in and out of tight parking spots around the city. It wasn’t hard to miss the shop because the front door was open and the smell of deliciouness was making its way down the street. After stocking up on some fried chicken, curry goat, jerk chicken, and waters (all for only $20, might I add) – we piled back into the Ford Fiesta and made our way to a local park where we were able to lay down a blanket and have a picnic.

Side note: I was just talking about this last night, actually. Talking about how amazing it is that our metropolitan city of Toronto is actually full of such greenery, so many parks. So often we’re stuck in our own little bubbles, for me it’s the hustle and bustle of downtown – often forgetting that we have such resources right here. Park picnics are so going to be my jam this summer!

To close out my weekend of eating my way through The 6 – I headed west. FAR west to Hamilton for Justin‘s birthday brunch with Marcel. Then after twisting their rubber arms, I convinced them to come back into the city with me and try out an Etobicoke burger staple – Apache Burger. And when I say staple, I mean – this place has been around for 47 years.

Yes, 47 years!

…headed west to a place that’s been around for 47 years…yes – 47 YEARS! #FiestaFoodie

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Non foodie talk for a minute. The fuel-sipping Ford Fiesta got us to and from Hamilton with the gas gauge barely moving. I couldn’t believe how awesome the car asnd it’s 1.6L engine was on gas. Let’s be real for a second, gas is hella expensive. It’s ridiculous. So whenever I do have the chance to get my hands on a car for a few days – I’m always worrisome about how much I’m going to have to drop on that fuel. But this little Ford Fiesta bad boy was a fuel sipper, def not a guzzler!

By now though, I needed a nap. I had spent the last 48 hours doing not much more than eating – and I was exhausted. I took a leisurley drive along Bloor St to head home – and promptly laid down. But…that didn’t last long. By night fall, I was ready for more.

So it was time to head off on one final #FiestaFoodie stop.

Ford Fiesta Foodie

What better way to end an awesome weekend than by devouring pizza in Little Italy, right? Truth be told, the plan was to grab something else – but when we drove by the restuarant, we saw that it was actually closed for the night – so we decided to drive along College St until we saw something that popped out at us. That’s when we drove by Vivoli and just knew we had to stop.

Toronto has always been a great city that loves to showcase its multicultural population in so many aspects, especially on the food scene. In fact – Vogue Magazine recently posted an article titled, 11 Reasons Foodies Should Be Flocking To Toronto.

“Walk along a main street of a booming Toronto neighborhood and you’re almost guaranteed to get hungry, but first, you might get a bit confused about what you’re seeing (and smelling) around you.”

There is so much to see and do in the city, and with the help of the Ford Fiesta – I got to spend a weekend eating my way through The 6.

What are some of your favourite hidden gems aroung the city? Share them with me on Twitter using the hashtag #FiestaFoodie!