When Did Games Get So Difficult To Maneuver And Less Fun To Play?

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When we were kids, all we wanted to do was play games. Hopscotch, tag, duck-duck goose – whatever the game was, we were down to play it. Now that we are older, we’re faced with a different type of game – the dating game. Subsequently, within this game there are even more games.

So, that begs the question – when did things get so complicated? I mean, isn’t dating is supposed to be fun? Isn’t it supposed to be exciting? When did the game(s) get so difficult to maneuver and less fun to play? These games, the waiting 3 days to return a text even though we are all within arms reach of our phones at all times; the keeping your options open, just in case; the pretending to be someone you’re not simply out of fear of ending up alone – they’re so silly.

I say throw caution to the wind and enjoy the ride. If you like someone – tell them. If you don’t – tell them that too. Don’t pull a ghosting act and just disappear – show some respect (and be a decent human being) and just be honest. Backstreet Boys said it best, “Quit Playing Games With My Heartlolz.

Speaking of the games – what happened to the days where when you met someone new and things were just effortless? Your conversations flow, and they literally only end because sleep must come at some point. Building that connection where you hang off of every word they say, when you want to know every little thing about them?

But really, shouldn’t that be how it actually goes?

When something like that comes into your life, it can catch you off guard. (Trust me – I know) It’s a new, weird, odd feeling. We’ve grown so accustomed to the games that when we meet someone who isn’t playing them – we’re left wondering why? How did this happen?

Maybe the way we should go about it is by not questioning why, or how. But instead we should be embracing it. Sometimes you find exactly what you’ve been looking for, when you stop looking. You have to take a step back and put your faith into the universe. Have faith that when the timing is right, things will align.

Maybe when that new person comes into your life, leaving the games at the door – that new, weird, odd feeling is actually what you should have been feeling all along. It just feels right, effortless. As opposed to the constant stress and worry, you’re now in a state of excitement and eagerness to see this new thing through. When you see their name pop up on your phone screen your heart flutters because it makes you feel so amazing that for even jus that moment in time – you crossed their mind.

Put your faith in the universe and let her do it’s thing. Trust me, because when timing and chemistry align, beautiful things can happen.

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