Out Of Bed And Back To Reality – Media Dinner At Green Eggplant

Green Eggplant

As you know, from my rants and rambles whilst on T3s – I have been practically bedridden for this past week or so. While my surgeon DID say to give myself two weeks of rest – I’ve forced myself back to reality because I’m a rebel like that.

*insert ‘…don’t act like you’re not impressed’ Anchorman joke*

While I could say my first foray into the real world was on Saturday for my niece’s birthday dinner/party…I actually bailed on that pretty quickly. A bunch of 10yr olds screaming and running around is NOT what the doctor ordered after having ear surgery. So…I gave myself a few more days of rest and relaxation, which really wasn’t rest and relaxation because I can only manage to get 3 hours of sleep a night, and I’m still in quite a bit of pain in the ear area…so…yeah.


But yesterday – I jumped back into the hecticness that we all know my life is and headed out for a media dinner at Green Eggplant with a bunch of other blogger friends. And it’s like Mother Nature knew I needed some beautiful weather so she graced us Torontonians with sunshine and mild temperatures. See photo proof in the above selfie.

Thanks, boo. 

Green Eggplant

Hey, that’s me!

Green Eggplant – a Mediterranean grill in the heart of the Beaches. Serving up an array of diverse flavours and fusions that always satisfies. Memorable and delicious dining!

Apparently there used to be a Green Eggplant location more in the Uptown area, near Avenue and Lawrence (I think) – but their Beaches location is the only one now. Last nights dinner was to showcase their new resto because they moved a couple of doors down the street to 2024 Queen St. East. Me, like an idiot – originally went to the old address and thought I was getting Punk’d. After realizing I put in the wrong address in my calendar event – I made a quick dash down the street to the new location. Thankfully it wasn’t too far…because, lazy…lolz.

Green Eggplant

Any place that serves fishbowl drinks as big as my big head is good in my books. As I was late to the party at Green Eggplant, I looked around at what others had ordered and once I saw the fishbowl bellini – I knew I had to have one. I ordered a raspberry one, because it was pink and looked delicious. Looks were NOT deceiving in this case as it was fanfreakingtastic.

Don’t worry, I haven’t changed my ways too much –  I of course, had wine with dinner. #wineisbae

Green Eggplant

By the time I got there, some appys had already been served. So as I slunk into my seat, feeling like poop for being late – I looked around the table and saw what I thought at first was ceviche – but it was actually bruschetta! Garlic and herbed Panini grill pressed focaccia was strategically placed around a mold of fresh chopped tomatoes, lots of garlic, red onions, topped with fresh parsley and grated Parmesan. Such a cool presentation and plating of bruschetta – I had never seen anything like that before! And it was delish to boot! Green Eggplant also offers complementary dips to start. It’s a trio that includes homemade hummus, a creamy garlic eggplant baba ganoush, as well as a fried eggplant with caramelized onions in a tomato base – all served with daily fresh-baked baguette. 

Green Eggplant

Calamari is one of those things that took me forever to finally try. I used to be the pickiest eatever EVER. Seriously. Did you know I only had a sliced cucumber for the first time like, 5 years ago. Yup. But I started venturing out, and broadening my horizons on the food front a couple of years ago. Whenever I’d go out, especially with Jo – he would always encourage me to try new things and slowly I did. Calamari was one of these things and now I love it (if it’s done properly)! Green Eggplant‘s  calamari is fresh and marinated to create a perfect non-chewy and tender texture and is lightly dusted in seasoned batter. Each order of calamari is fresh and  made to order – it’s not that frozen stuff some places try to pull of. Our group devoured a few plates of it…and truth be told – I know we could have had more. Everyone loved it.

Green Eggplant

Rando Dando JennJenn Fact: I’ve never had Caesar salad dressing

Green Eggplant

Seeing as I haven’t really eaten much over the past on account of not really being able to chew after having surgery on my ear…I was hungry last night! I’d say hangry…but I wasn’t really angry. I was the first to order at the table, and as some friends pointed out – I set the precedent because #FattyJJ came out to play! LOL I ordered the lamb chops, with rice, AND a skewer of grilled jumbo shrimp. Noms. You know when you order grilled shrimp, and it doesn’t really taste ~grilled~? I hate that. I love the charcoal-ey taste from the grill, and that’s exactly what I got when I inhaled ate my shrimp skewer. I was a little nervous for the lamb though. Lamb is one of those meats that needs to be cooked perfectly in order to be enjoyable. MoVernie ordered a steak and the server asked how he would like it cooked, but us lamb orderers weren’t asked how we’d like it prepared. Thankfully – when the lamb came out, the good folks at Green Eggplant had cooked it to a perfect medium on the grill. Green Eggplant marinades their lamb in their secret mediterranean marinade for at least 24hrs to ensure the meat is nice and tender. And..and…and –  each serving is at least 18 ounces per portion. Come hungry.


Green Eggplant

All in all, I’m so glad I forced myself out last night. I got to see some friends who I haven’t seen in a while, gave big ol’ hugs and congrats to Heartless Girl on her recent engagement (!!), and got to devour some delish food! As you can see in the above pic – everyone enjoyed their dinners throughly and left with happy and full bellies!

Green Eggplant

And the best part? Because the portions were so ridiculously big…I know what I’m having for lunch today! #winning Thanks Green Eggplant!

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