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When you think of sipping an unflavoured vodka, your mind immediately goes to some of the bigger names, where a bottle may run you close to $50. While that’s fine and dandy – Pinnacle Vodka comes in at about half that price and has actually won top honour for the Vodka category in the 2013 International Wine & Spirit Competition beating out more than 100 vodkas from around the world in a blind taste-test.

Are you ready for a vodka as unique as you?


Award-winning Pinnacle® Vodka starts with the finest wheat grain from France and is five times distilled for an incredibly clean, smooth taste. It’s everything you’d expect from premium vodka, but with none of the attitude and at a delightfully unexpected price.

Pinnacle Vodka

Pinnacle Vodka invited a select group of people out for their #HappyHosting event held in the penthouse suite at Thompson Hotel. Here we would be guided by master mixologists Kris and Zac, as well as entertaining expert, Peter Carruthers as they guided us through the latest tips and trends on #HappyHosting for 2015.

Pinnacle Vodka

As someone who has tasted her fair share of vodka, I went into this Pinnacle Vodka tasting thinking I knew all that had to be known.

Boy was I wrong!

Kris and Zac gave a break down of the three ways to sip vodka straight, at room temperature, fridge temperature and freezer temperature. I always kept my vodka in the freezer. Always. Didn’t matter the brand – I just kept it there. Apparently though, the sign of a good vodka is being able to sip it at room temperature.

I know what you’re thinking – but GOOD vodka should not taste like rubbing alcohol, no matter what temperature it is served at. LOL!

Much like a fine whisky, or even wine – you should sniff the vodka, with your mouth slightly open. This will allow your tastebuds to prepare for the flavour. Take a small sip, and hold it in your mouth – allowing the flavours to manifest.

In other words – don’t straight shoot good vodka. LOL

Pinnacle Vodka

Kris and Zac also gave tips on recreating classic cocktails, you’ll see some of the recreations I got to enjoy further in this post!

Another tip they gave us was that if you are going to put ice in your cocktails, boil the water first, once or twice. If you freeze tap water – it will take up any flavours of things you have in your freezer. I don’t think you want chicken flavoured cocktails…but if you do – more power to you! LOL

Shout out to Best of Toronto that captured the above pic where Kris and Zak are showing off their pure ice balls!

Pairing cocktails with a decor theme was where Peter came in. With decor themes such as La Minimaliste, La Boheme, and La Bonne Vie – there was a theme for everyone and every occasion. Peter described each theme and offered food pairings as well as cocktails. The main takeaways for a successful event? Tip 1: Be simple and authentic as a host. Tip 2: Welcome the mistakes (nobody knows!) and relax. Tip 3: Regarding food, there are three points – don’t fear outsourcing, rely on the pros, and if possible, make things ahead of time. Tip 4: If you are throwing a bigger event, hire a bartender to alleviate stress.   Pinnacle Vodka When we walked into the penthouse suite, we were greeted with a Pinnacle Vodka welcome cocktail, the Un Coeur Brûlé. Un Coeur Brûlé 2 parts Pinnacle Vodka 1 part fresh lemon juice 0.5 part balsamic rosemary shrub 2 dashes of plum bitters Garnished with a clothes-pinned torched rosemary sprig Pinnacle Vodka As we sipped this delicious cocktail, tasty hors d’oeuvres were passed around, including: Pinnacle Vodka White wine braised salsify with sweet potato pureé and purple kale… Pinnacle Vodka Pinnacle Vodka Pork tenderloin with a tangerine gel… Pinnacle Vodka Pan Roast chicken breast with white wine reduction, and herbed goat cheese. Pinnacle Vodka Another cocktail we had the chance to try was The Flower Child. How pretty are those flowers?! I didn’t eat them…though they were edible, apparently. LOL The Flower Child 2 parts Pinnacle Vodka 2-3 parts white cranberry juice 2-3 parts lemon Pellegrino sparkling water Colourful edible flower garnish Pinnacle Vodka Of course, what would a vodka tasting be without a martini, right? Turns out, James Bond had it wrong all along, you should get your martini stirred – not shaken, as to give the flavours a chance to find a happy melody together! This, was A Hot Affair. The martinis were paired with oysters with fresh horseradish or mignonette gel. A Hot Affair 2.5 parts Pinnacle Vodka 0.25 parts spicy olive brine 0.25 parts dry vermouth Garnish with a pepper stuffed olive Pinnacle Vodka By far, my favourite cocktail of the night was A Midnight Kiss. I mean, with a tagline like mine {“blogger | tweeter | champagne drinker”} – how could I not love this cocktail? A Midnight Kiss 1 part Pinnacle Vodka 0.5 parts jasmine tea syrup 2 parts champagne Lavender rim Pinnacle Vodka

At the end of the night – a delicious charcuterie board with cheese and fruit was brought out.

And to top it all off – a macaron tower.

Pinnacle Vodka

This clean, smooth and extremely mixable French vodka is made from 100% French wheat and pure spring water.

You can learn more about Pinnacle Vodka HERE