Heading to Almonte Ontario

Every now and then I get to do some pretty fun stuff…ok, more often than not I get to do some pretty fun stuff! LOL And sometimes I get to drag my friends along for the fun! That’s what happened last month when I went on another mini road trip.

Thanks to my awesome friends at Chevrolet Canada – I had access to the Chevrolet Trax again for my second trip to the Ottawa Valley. The last time I went to the Ottawa Valley I visited Perth and took the Chevrolet Trax. I got stuck in some absolutely terrible weather on the way back, so this time I was hoping for clear sailing.

Thankfully – that’s what we got!



For this trip I was heading to Almonte, ON for a fun-filled 24 hours and I dragged brought my girlfriend, Michelle along. Michelle and I go WAY back…like, back to grade 3 back. It’s always fun times when you get to spend quality time with your best friends.

It was all jokes the entire 24 hours we were away!



So…I woke up bright and early (ugh) and picked Michelle up and then we were on our way! When heading east from Toronto there is one stop you always have to make – and that’s the Big Apple. No…not THAT Big AppleTHIS Big Apple! LOL




The Big Apple Ontario
Even if the water is frozen…LOL
The Big Apple Ontario
When you see a wishing fountain – you have to make a wish!




Just like when I visited Perth, another stop along the way was in Tweed. This time – the lake was frozen and I tested my luck by standing on the ice in my TOMS boots!

Thankfully – I didn’t break the ice. LOL



, a small, scenic town sitting on the Canadian Mississippi River, is about 30-45 minutes outside of Ottawa. As I have mentioned, many times – I love going on these 24 hour road trips and discovering different small towns right here in our own backyard! The 24 hours we spent in Almonte (and surrounding area) was filled with a lot of activities! Delicious dinner…an amazing hotel that served one of the best breakfasts I have ever had…antique shopping…chocolate workshop tour and so much more!

I’m going to share our experiences over the next week here on the blog-a-roo!

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