Oh, Hello October – Nice To See You Again

Can you believe it’s already October? Honestly, it feels as though 2017 and is just flying by. I don’t know what it is…maybe time just seems to go by that much quicker the older we get?


Whatever it is, I’m making a genuine effort to slow down in my day to day life and make the time to enjoy the moments, both small and big.

This past week or so was no exception. Between birthday celebrations (not mine, yet), fun events, and an impromptu date night – it was definitely one for the books!

Celebrate good times, come on!

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Last weekend, I took Jen out for a celebratory birthday dinner. Jen is one of those friends that while we met each other later in our lives (like, seriously – only a couple of years ago) – we instantly clicked. SHe’s become one of my closest friends, and I am incredibly lucky to have a friend like her in my life. Anyways, enough with the mushy gushy stuff! We headed out to Marben for our girls night, and there was wine, there was delicious food, and there were glasses of bubbly. Throw in the great company, and what more could a gal ask for!?

On Tuesday evening I invited my friend Shannon out to check out the media paunch of the new brewhouse, Northern Maverick Brewing. First off – the space is gorgeous. I absolutely loved the open ceilings, and you can see the tanks where they brew their in-house brewskiis. Not only are their in-house brewed brewskiis delish – but they also make some ahhhhmazing cocktails. There were A LOT of people at the media launch, so I didn’t get a chance to fully experience the restaurant – but I’m def looking forward to heading back. I hear the burgers are legit some of the best in the city…I’ll just have to try it out for myself and report back!

brb – cooling off with a cocktail #NorthernMaverickBrewing

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Wednesday night brought me to the Cordon Rouge Room event with Grand Marnier. This hidden speakeasy was down in the St. Lawrence Market and was literally so cute! I was texted the secret address 24 hours prior to the event, along with the password I would have to give at the door in order to get in. After giving the password, I was ushered downstairs where I was met with a specialty cocktail. Now, that’s def a great way to start an event! Then I was seated, and handed a menu with not only a cocktail list, but also a list of desserts I could choose from. My (gorgeous!) waitress was so lovely, and after a couple of cocktails…and a couple if macaroons – I decided that it was likely best (for my waistline) that I leave and head home. LOL

jenn and the city

cordon rouge room grand marnier

I was supposed to head to the EDIT launch party on Thursday night, but I woke up not only exhausted – but literally drained. My anxiety gets triggered big time after multiple days out in a row. It’s exhausting always having to be on, and after a few days of it – I need a little bit of a break – I need some down time. Luckily, I’m blessed to have an amazing boyfriend who could sense that was going on – so he planned an impromptu date night filled with some of my favourite things. We went for wings at our fave spot, came home and played board games and laughed literally all night. If I haven’t said it before, or enough, he’s the best. Literally.

jenn and mike

On Saturday, my friend Nadia and I headed to the #AmexCobalt pop-up with Matty Matheson. Amex launched a brand-spanking new credit card aimed for millennials. You get extra points when you spend money on food and travel. I mean, win-win – right?!

With Cobalt, earn 5X the points on eligible eats & drinks, 2X the points on eligible travel & transit, and 1X the points on everything else.

The pop-up was up all week, and Matty cooked delicious multi-course meals for the guests. We headed there for brunch and were served scallops, and pasta, and duck, and a lemon tart. Oh, and delicious Johnny Walker cocktails, ginger beer…and wine. Yeah – I’m not gonna lie – it was pretty awesome. Then Nadia and I headed to a patio for some mimosas, because it was likely one of, if not the last nice day of 2017 that was still patio-worthy. There were too many bees on the patio though – so we moved inside for our second mimosa. *shrugs*

#amexcobalt #youdoyou amex cobalt

#amexcobalt #youdoyou amex cobalt

‪…can you tell I had scotch for breakfast? #amexcobalt #youdoyou‬

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eat, drink, and be awesome #youdoyou #amexcobalt

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We’re hosting Mike’s parents for Thanksgiving dinner next weekend, so that’ll be fun! I can’t wait to share that experience with you guys. I’ll be making a turkey along with all of the fixings. So, if you have any tips and/or favourite recipes – please share! Because as of right now, all I can think about is how I want to decorate the table. LOL

So – it’s officially October, which is my favourite month – not only because it’s my birthday month. 😉 Fall is my all-time favourite time of the year. The trees begin to show you how beautiful it is to let things go that are holding you back from being the best version of you.

Finally – there is a lot of hatred and anger in the world. Let’s try to be kind to one another.

*sending positive vibes and virtual hugs your way*

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