Turning My Love For Wine Into An Appreciation Of Good Wine, Thanks To iYellow Wine Club

Alright, my love for wine is not news to anyone who reads my posts, and my love for iYellow Wine Club shouldn’t be either.

I’ve been friends with the entire iYellow Wine Club team since I first popped up on the blogging scene…back when I was “AwesomeJennJenn.” Remember those days?

Good times…good times, I tell ya.

Anyways, the team at iYellow Wine Club are awesome because they took my love for wine and nurtured it into an appreciation for good wine. Between classes and tastings and amazing wine tours – the entire team at iYellow Wine Club knows their stuff – but best of all, they have fun with it.

For 10 years the iYellow Wine Club has been promoting the vibrant wine lifestyle.

I can honestly say that I have never had a bad time at an iYellow Wine Club event. Ever, I mean – how could you?! There’s wine, there’s food, there’s laughs…it’s just a load of fun!

Like at the beginning of the month, for instance. I brought my sister out for a fun day of tasting delicious California wines with iYellow Wine Club at their #CaliWineJam. We had the chance to try different wines at our leisure, and then even go back for seconds (or thirds – whatever, don’t judge us) of our faves. All while chatting with reps from each brand, who were able to tell us the distinct notes to look for, what to pair each with, and even if they were available in the LCBO.

all you need in life is love…and wine ??? #CaliWineJam

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brb – imagining I’m on the beach in Cali #CaliWineJam

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But, iYellow Wine Club isn’t all about wine tastings, you know. Yup – that’s right, they even host whisky tastings! In fact, I’ll be heading to a whisky class on April 19th at the iYellow Wine Cave.

They even host wine tours where you get to hang out with an awesome group of fellow wine lovers and head down to Niagara or PEC. There you’ll get to check out multiple wineries – and you’ll get the VIP treatment!

Plus, with the iYellow Wine Club folks behind the wheel – you won’t have to worry about driving so you can indulge. LOL

So if you’re looking for a great night out, or even a fun-filled day – I highly suggest looking into the upcoming iYellow Wine Club schedule – and who knows – we may just run into each other at an event!