Jacob’s Grill In Waterloo Region

Jacob's Grill

St. Jacobs is located in Waterloo Region, and this small community is home to a population of approx. 4,000 Old Order Mennonites who farm the surrounding countryside.

But that’s not all! There are also shops and restaurants that line the streets; bakeries with fresh baked goods and bed and breakfasts perfect for a romantic getaway.

Jacob's Grill

While in Waterloo Region, after we visited the St. Jacobs Market – we headed into St. Jacobs to Jacob’s Grill for a hosted lunch.

Jacob’s Grill offers innovative entrees, decadent desserts, fun-flavoured specialty coffees and spirits, served up with ample helpings of imagination and robust flavours ~ always the order of the day at this popular neighbourhood grill. Meet your friends, family and co-workers to enjoy a great meal and good times together in downtown St. Jacobs!

Jacob's Grill

I’m not going to lie. When I went to Waterloo – I was exhausted. If you follow me on Twitter – you know that I had some hiccups with my recent move.

First my movers didn’t show up, then I scrambled to find new ones. The new ones came, moved everything – but broke my ASUS Transformer tablet and my dresser. I was guaranteed that all would be well and reimbursed through their insurance.

FYI – They are now ignoring my calls – so, I doubt that’s happening. This is my own fault, it’s what I get for hiring movers off of Craigslist. -_-

Anyways – all of this happened literally the day before I went out to Waterloo. So – needless to say – I was a little tired.

So – when we got to Jacob’s Grill – the very first thing I did was order a big, ol’ glass of wine. Obvs. LOL

Jacob's Grill

Of course, after ordering wine – I simply had to order wings! Duh! These are a few of my favourite things!

I ordered grilled chicken wings tossed in cherry cola BBQ sauce.

Jacob's Grill

These wings were some of the best wings I have ever had. And you know how much I love my chicken wings! They were big, juicy and perfectly coated with sauce.

The cherry cola BBQ sauce was so different. Sweet, yet smokey – the owner of Jacob’s Grill visits the US often, and always brings back loads of Cherry Cola so that this sauce can be made.

Jacob's Grill

I ordered the Ham & Brie which was black forest ham, sliced brie, apple slices, lettuce & honey mustard on a potato scallion bun.

This sandwich hit the spot. The crisp apples paired with the brie cheese was a delicious combo. And you can’t go wrong with black forest ham and honey mustard, am I right?

Jacob's Grill

My friend, Jen is gluten-free, so she opted to make her own pizza on gluten-free dough.

The awesome thing about Jacob’s Grill is that you can order a personal sized pizza (which in its own right is pretty massive – Jen couldn’t even finish it all), or you can order a family-size and share with the table.

If you’re heading out to Waterloo Region – be sure to stop in Jacob’s Grill for a bite!

You can learn more about Jacob’s Grill HERE