Living And Loving Life In 4K With Rogers And Samsung

The way you watch TV from your living room is about to change…
Welcome to Life in 4K.


I had lived my life for a solid two years without even owning a TV. I didn’t even miss having one; I wasn’t home enough to miss it. LOL I would catch up on the odd show via social media and/or YouTube videos, but last October (on my birthday, actually) – I caved. I went out and bought myself a great little 32″ TV/DVD combo (#fancy) and didn’t look back. It was perfect for little old me in my studio apartment, or so I thought.

Fast forward to the beginning of April 2016, the week before the Blue Jays Home Opener weekend. M and I had plans to check out the #HondaHomeOpener, but we wanted to chill at home on the Saturday afternoon and watch the second of the three-game series.

While I’m a fan of all Toronto teams, (that home town pride and all) – I am the first to admit that I totally jumped on the Blue Jays bandwagon when they had s stellar season last year. M on the other hand, he’s always been a fan – practically since he was in diapers. (If you follow him on Twitter or Instagram – you’ll have seen that he is a HUGE Blue Jays fan…and makes some delicious waffles, but I’m saving all of that for another post.)

So when my friends at Rogers and Samsung Canada reached out to see if we could partner for this Blue Jays season, I was intrigued…to say the least. When they told me I’d be able to experience every single Blue Jays game in 4K from the comfort of my home – I was sold.

Life in 4K? Where do I sign up?!

Rogers 4K TV #LifeIn4K

So it was a whole “out with the old and in with the new” moment in Casa de JJ. I said sayonara to my little 32″ TV (I gave it to my nieces to put in their room) and ushered in my brand spanking new 55″ Samsung  SUHD 4K Smart TV. Thank you, Samsung Canada and Rogers!

While the TV itself was pretty simple to set up (let’s be honest here…M did it – not me, LOL) – I did have to make a switch with my cable box. The team from Rogers sent out someone to install and set up the Rogers NextBox 4K set-top box before Blue Jays opening weekend to ensure we would be able to catch the games in all that 4K glory.

…and glorious it was, and still is.

I have to be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure what 4K was exactly, and what the difference was between the HD we’ve all grown accustomed to over the years. After doing a little more research and reading, and asking M to explain it a bit more – I realized, 4K is basically like HD on crack. LOL

Get closer to the action with Rogers 4K TV

Experience TV like never before with resolution that’s 4 times better than HD alone. With sharper images and realistic picture quality, everything you watch comes to life!

55" SUHD 4K Smart TV JS8500 Series 8

View an even wider range of brilliant and vibrant colours enhanced to be so lifelike, they stimulate more than just your sight for a total sensory experience that makes everything you watch seem real.

What’s pretty awesome is that you don’t technically need a 4K TV in order to view the 4K content. While the prices for 4K TVs are in fact coming down, they are still a pretty chunk of change that I know not everyone can afford to spend. Rest assured – any 4K capable TV will work, and you’ll be able to watch the boys in blue in all that 4K glory…but you will however need the Rogers NextBox 4K set-top box. It’s so super-duper easy to make the switch over, the team at Rogers can help you make that switch no problem.

Here’s what you’ll need to get the most out of 4K:

  • NextBox 4K (Comes with complimentary professional installation. Not available for in store pick-up.)
  • Rogers 4K content. Now available on Ch. 999.
  • 4K-ready TV.


So, after spending the morning at IKEA (I needed a new stand for this monster of a TV LOL – #FirstWorldProblems, I know) – my sister, M, and I got settled in for the game. Pizza and wings were ordered, candy was devoured, beer was sipped – the only thing left missing was a win from the boys in blue!  While the three of us were watching the game, we couldn’t help but notice the difference in picture quality. It was too hard NOT to because of the stark difference! While we were watching the game I could actually see the stitching on the players jerseys! Imagine that!

You could practically count the blades of grass on the field in between plays.

Fun Fact: Sports lovers, you’ll enjoy this one. There are currently two stations that are 100% 4K – 24/7, and both are all sports, all the time. Sportsnet ONE 4K (channel 997) and Sports 4K (channel 998) on Rogers. #GoSports

While the Jays didn’t come away with a win that afternoon, (fights air) – I was able to catch the game the next day – in which they did! And let me tell you, watching the super-close zooms and slow-motion replays in 4K with lifelike colours and stunning details – was next level entertaining. I’m excited to catch the rest of the season – as well as some other shows and original content, both on cable and Shomi, as they are released.

Stay tuned here to le blogaroo because I’ll be sharing more of my experience with #LifeIn4K throughout the season, and be sure to follow the hashtag on social media!

Disclosure: I have partnered with Rogers and Samsung to share my experience through #LifeIn4K, and both the TV and NextBox were complimentary

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