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Tattoos are often associated with rebels; with people who are lashing out for whatever reason. We’ve all heard the story…16 year old girl goes out and gets a tattoo as an act of rebellion against her strict parents. Blah, blah, blah.

While yes, this may in fact happen…in reality – tattoos are a form of art.

Tattoos should be viewed as a way of one expressing themselves. They can serve as mementos for certain life events, reminders of a past time…or maybe they are just something you’ve gotten to make you smile.

When you get a tattoo you are telling a story. There is a meaning behind WHY you chose that specific tattoo and why you chose to have it permanently on your body. There are memories tied to the story, and the memory of getting the tattoo just adds to it.

Case in point, my most recent tattoo:

A period signifies the end of a sentence. A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life. I just got this tattoo to serve as a reminder to myself, especially on those rough days – that my sentence, my story, if you will – is not over. —————————————————————— There are certain days in your life that you will never forget. You remember every little detail, vividly. For me, that day was exactly three years ago. I was laying in the ER, staring at the ceiling. I can remember tasting the saltiness of my tears as they streamed down my face. I can remember the fluorescent lights shining down, and the one that wouldn’t stop flickering in the corner. I remember seeing everyone rush past me, hurrying along. I remember the pain, the constant pain I felt. I remember the sadness that took over my life to the point where I felt like I could no longer go on; to where I felt my only escape was death. Exactly three years ago I attempted to take my own life. After battling with severe depression and anxiety for as long as I could remember, I felt as though I had no more energy to fight. Worse – I just didn’t want to anymore. I remember that we had a snowstorm the night before. It was cold and grey outside, it was as if Mother Nature was matching what I was feeling…utterly dreadful. For years and years, I suffered alone. Finding any way that I could to escape the reality of life. Anything to numb the everlasting pain I felt inside. But there was no running now. I had hit my bottom. Not a day goes by where I don’t think back to that dreadful day, February 17, 2013. While my battle with depression and anxiety is one that will be on-going, I can thankfully say I am in a much better spot, mentally and emotionally, now. I know that my story doesn’t end here, and I’m glad it didn’t end on that day in 2013. If you too are battling mental illness – have faith that on the other side of all this pain – there is a life worth living.

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Whatever the case, tattoos can be beautiful pieces of art on a canvas, your body. In this case, however – Vintage Ink Wines has brought these pieces of art off of the body canvas and onto their wine labels.

These Vintage Ink Wines Limited Edition bottles hit the shelves of the LCBO earlier this month and feature an original winning tattoo art displayed right there on the label. The winners, tattoo artist Spencer Harrington and his friend (and the one with this tattoo) Crispin Day, were chosen as the Ontario Winners of the We Are Made of Stories Vintage Ink contest last year.

This Vintage Ink Wines contest sought out to find a “unique and remarkable piece of art to adorn 6,000 Limited Edition Vintage Wines Ink Merlot Cabernet bottle labels.”

In May 2015 – Vintage Ink Wines held a contest in Ontario and British Columbia where art and tattoo enthusiasts were encouraged to submit their personal tattoos online for a chance to be selected as the winner. The winning piece would then have their ink displayed on 6,000 Limited Edition Vintage Ink Wines Merlot Cabernet bottle labels.

Vintage Ink Limited Edition #MyVintageInk Vintage Ink Wines

Spencer’s tattoo career began in 2011 when he was back home in New Zealand. The next year, he moved to Toronto and took his passion to the next level – making tattooing his full-time career. This move in career paths wasn’t out of nowhere, as Spencer has over 10 years experience as a visual artist and muralist. It seemed only natural for him to transition into the tattoo realm. By looking at his work, you can see that he adds his own personal touch to some classic designs; essentially making them his own.

One such example is the winning design he created for his friend, Crispin. This ship-in-a-bottle tattoo has the classic lines and elements of a more “American traditional tattoo,” but you can see his personal flare in the details. That’s one of the reasons this beautiful design won the We Are Made of Stories Vintage Ink contest last year!

By hosting the We Are Made of Stories Vintage Ink contest last year, Vintage Ink Wines showcased their brand in a way that shows they are all about “valuing freedom of expression and displaying a feeling that genuine, memory-filled experiences are what life is all about.”

About Vintage Ink Merlot Cabernet
Vintage Ink Merlot Cabernet offers violet, plum and dark berry aromas, with juicy flavours of plum, cherry, and blackberry on the palate.

The Limited Edition Vintage Ink Wines Merlot Cabernet is available at the LCBO for $17.95

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, however all views are my own and this wine has quickly become one of my faves reds…honestly.