PayPal and Siri Saving Friendships One I.O.U. At A Time

PayPal Siri integration now available!

Starting November 10th , for the first time in Canada, iPhone users can tell Siri to send or request money through an integration with the PayPal app.

So here’s the thing. I don’t often have very much downtime. I’m usually on the go-go-go, whether it’s heading to work, or an event, off on another travel adventure – whatever the case may be. Very rarely do I get a chance to hang out with friends and just ~*chill*~.

But, when my friend Casie and I’s schedules FINALLY aligned for a little gab sesh, I jumped at the chance (even though I had landed from NYC that morning and had been on MAX 9 hours sleep over the previous 3 days combined, lolz).

I met up with Casie on the adorable back patio of Bar Reyna for some nibbles and cocktails and a long overdue catch-up. Between chatting about our lives pre-blogging days, to current crushes (mine new, hers her amazing BF of 10+ years who she still has a crush on to this day, #cute), to the US election (…ugh) – time was just flying by on the patio.

When we were ready to leave, Casie just picked up the tab as opposed to us splitting it. We were in a rush to head out to watch the Election Night coverage! I assured her I’d pay her back for my portion, obvs.

But come the next day – I was just a ball of mush. LOL

I was exhausted and drained and struggling to put together sentences. I mentally checked out and went to bed at like, 7pm. After a MUCH needed night of rest – I remembered that I owed Casie a couple of bucks for our patio night. Oops!

I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS feel awkward asking friends for money that is owed to me. I also feel incredibly awkward when I owe a friend money.

I know I’m not alone in this, because according to a PayPal Money Habits Study* conducted by Koski Tesearch in 2015 – on average, 30% of Canadians have actually lost a friendship over an I.O.U.

30% of friendships ended because of money owed. Welp.

Well, PayPal has integrated with Siri to help provide their customers with an easy (and free!) way to send and request money and avoid awkward conversations, and ultimately maybe even losing friendships.

All you need to do is ensure you have the PayPal app and iOS 10 (or higher) on your phone, then you can ask everyone’s BFF, Siri, to send or request money which will be either sent or deposited right into your PayPal account.

And, actually – if you’re the one sending money like I was – the receiver doesn’t need to have iOS 10, or even an iPhone for that matter…just a PayPal account. If they don’t have that, they’ll be prompted to set one up to collect the funds.

Thankfully, the PayPal app and Siri integration is pretty intuitive, too. Siri realized I had more than one Casie saved in my contacts – so it actually asked to confirm which Casie I wanted to send the money too. Then Siri asked me to confirm that I wanted to use PayPal to send the money…and we were golden.

paypal siri integration

Easy peasy, lemon squeasy. Thank you PayPal Siri integration.

Casie got her money, awkward conversation avoided, friendship saved. LOL

paypal siri integration

If you haven’t already, you should download the
PayPal app from the Apple Store.

*PayPal Money Habits Study conducted by Koski Research, 2015. Between May 14, 2015 and June 25, 2015, over 4,000 participants from the U.S., Canada, Germany and Australia participated in the 14-minute online study. Additionally, a five-minute online study was conducted by Koski Research between June 22 and June 28, 2015 to over 4,000 participants from the U.S., Canada, Germany and Australia.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however views are always my own and I’ve always loved PayPal…and easily getting or sending any money owed, because…well, duh. LOL