Rando Dando Hey How Are Ya?

Guys, I don’t know about you, but I’m hella happy it’s Friday. I mean, I technically had a short week at work on account of being basically on my death bed on Monday, but still. It’s been a loooooooong week, bruh!


We took little Dusty in for his rabies shot on Wednesday. It was our first visit to the vet with the little man and can I just tell you how much we already love our vet?! Mike’s buddy is an emergency vet and recommended someone down the street from our place and he’s amazing. After giving Dusty a check-up, he asked if he could take Dusty around to show him off to everyone in the office. I mean, of course he did…Dusty is a beauty! Just, just…just look at this face!

Dusty checked up all good, and has actually gained 2 pounds since being home with us. Which makes sense because apparently everyone who lives in our house has decided to just start gaining ALL OF THE WEIGHT. (This is a jab at myself because I feel gross and need to get back in the gym asap).

*double sigh*

Speaking of getting back in the gym….

I wanted to give you a little update. Next week I’ll be posting a post all about the little motivational group I’m launching next month!

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