We’re Hitting The Road Again! | Road Trip To Norfolk County

Let me tell you, I love me a good road trip. And I have been on plenty in my lifetime.

I’ve driven from Toronto to Las Vegas; Las Vegas to Vancouver; across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto. I’ve driven to Montreal many times; driven to Ottawa; done mini road trips around Ontario…and last year, Mike and I drove down to Boston. In fact, it was last year at this time that we were in Beantown!

jenn and the city fenway park

I surprised Mike with Blue Jays vs Red Sox tickets for his birthday because I know how much of a Blue Jays fan he is. Since the very first day we met, we talked about the different ballparks we’ve been to and the ones we really wanted to see. Fenway Park was a big one for both of us, and neither of us had ever been! So when I started thinking of birthday presents for my babaganoosh, this came back to mind and I knew I just HAD to get us tickets!

The drive down was gorgeous and the whole trip was just one of those memorable experiences that now bring those silly inside jokes only we know…as any good road trip should!

Want an in on one of our inside jokes?
The next time you see Mike, ask him how much a bottle of water costs.

We’re likely heading down to Denver (flying, not driving) over Labour Day weekend for a baseball tournament that Mike plays in every year, so another week-long road trip wasn’t really feasible this summer. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t go on a road trip at all!

I’m so excited because we’re heading to Norfolk County for a gifted experience at the beginning of August!

jenn and the city norfolk county

Norfolk County is only about an hour and a half southwest from Toronto (depending on traffic), but what’s even more exciting is that Norfolk County holds a very special place in my heart. My great grandparents had a house there, in Simcoe, my entire life. I would go out there every summer as a kid (picture proof above…peep my model stance LOL), and even into my adult life – that house, that town – was always the one steady constant I had in my ever changing life. But alas, things change and the house got sold…and my trips down to Norfolk County became fewer and further apart.

So when I was chatting with my friends at Norfolk County Tourism, and they invited us out for a weekend – I jumped at the chance to walk down memory lane…and even create a few new ones with Mike!

Of course, I’ll be sharing our fun adventures here on le blogaroo and on my Twitter and Instagram feeds because I want you guys to see how much fun you can have so close to home…and how to do so while avoiding the mess that is Highway 400 in the summer. LOL!

Torontonians – you know what I’m talking about!

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