Let’s Be Real – Setting Realistic Goals For A Better Me

Realistic Goals

It’s really easy to set goals for yourself, it’s actually achieving (or even working towards achieving) them that proves to be difficult. At least that’s the case for me. I have so many things I want to do with my life, both personally and professionally, and I can’t even begin to tell you how many lists I’ve made. Way back when, before this blog came to be, I was a VERY organized person. I was the type who would make lists, daily, weekly, monthly, annually – every kind you could imagine. It was a great way to keep myself on track and have a sense of accomplishment as I scratched things off each list. Over the past year or so, my organized self has slowly disappeared and I’m left with a constant feeling of playing catch-up. Whether it’s events I have scheduled, posts I want to write, things I want to do…it feels as though there is always something I’m forgetting and let’s face it – that’s stressful.

I’ve mentioned on here before about how I have been putting everyone and everything ahead of myself and how that needs to stop. I don’t think I need to wait until New Years to make “resolutions,” or to set realistic goals for myself. If I try hard enough – I can always find another excuse to postpone doing what it is I am supposed to be doing.

I’ll start working out on Monday, new week – new perspective.

I’ll cut back on my drinking after this week, it’s a busy one and I know I’ll be out a lot.

Boourns to that, I say. Enough is enough.

It’s time to put myself, and my health, first. That being said…I know I need to be realistic about my goals. I need to set specific goals with attainable actions that can be done to reach them. I think that I will work better at achieving my goals if they are set with easy-to-follow targets.

  1. I Will Exercise Three Times A Week

I need to get my energy levels up, and lose weight. It’s as simple as that. Going out to events and whatnot is great, but it is taking a toll on my health. A few years before starting my blog, I had a personal trainer and was in the gym 5 times a week. I was dedicated and it paid off because I was in the best shape of my life. Fast forward to today and I can honestly say it’s been awhile since I saw the inside of a gym. My clothes no longer fit as they used to and I’m just uncomfortable with my body and how I look overall. As I am researching gym and fitness class options, I can workout at home. I have the Insanity DVD set, and I’ll be doing that three times a week…no matter what.

  1. I Will Eat Two Cups Of Veggies A Day

I’m often at events and/or restaurant openings, which is awesome – but over the past two years since starting my blog – my body has paid the price. Often at these events there are so many delicious food options, and the servings are plentiful. I’ve noticed that I’m eating a lot…and it’s not always the healthiest of choices. This was proven to me just a couple weeks ago when I went in for my surgery and the poor anaesthesiologist couldn’t find a vein in my hand. She wasn’t the first doctor to talk to me about my eating habits. I’m low in iron, among other things, and this affects so many aspects in life. Sure – I could start popping more vitamins and whatnot, but the easiest and safest way to get the nutrients my body needs is by including them in my meals…like I should be anyways. So I’ll be making sure I have at least one cup of veggies with both lunch and dinner, and on top of that – I NEED to start eating breakfast. I almost never eat breakfast, unless it’s a weekend brunch, and I know this is NOT the healthiest way to start my day. To top it off, I usually don’t eat lunch until probably about 2pm. Worst.

  1. I Will Put My Phone Away 30 Minutes Prior to Bedtime

This is one of my worst habits, and I’m fully aware of it. My phone is never more than an arms length away, it is always within reach. Whether I’m on Twitter, writing notes, responding to emails, or catching up on some of the other blogs I follow – I’m almost always on my phone. (Except if I’m on a date – then it’s put away 100% – that’s a HUGE pet peeve of mine!) That being said, when it comes to bedtime, I tend to scroll through Twitter and next thing I know – I’ve stayed up an hour later than I had planned and my mind is racing with information about whatever it was that I had just read. I’ve heard it before, the – ‘no electronics an hour before bed,’ how it helps your brain shut down and process the day. So I will intentionally put my phone away 30 minutes before bedtime now and hopefully this will help me get a better night’s sleep.

  1. I Won’t Drink More Than Twice a Week – And I’ll Have No More Than Three Drinks Each Time

This is a hard one for me. Just last week alone, I was out five out of seven nights. A drink here, a drink there – these empty calories add up. I tried saying I would give up wine for Lent and literally lasted 24 hours. It was an unrealistic goal to set, and I was basically just setting myself up to fail. Even some friends on Twitter were finding it hard to believe I’d last. But by having concrete numbers – it makes it easier for me to commit to, which in turn will make my goal easier to attain. And, let’s face it – I don’t want to deprive myself completely. I’d be miserable! LOL

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