You Deserve The Best – So Stop Settling For Anything Less

dating and relationship advice

So often, single friends and acquaintances have come to me and asked me,

Why can’t I find someone?!” or, “Why am I still single?!

My first piece of advice is to cut out those “sort-of” relationships in your life.

By allowing those “sort-of” relationships to hold a place in your mind and in your heart – you are blocking out a space that could be otherwise occupied by something more worthwhile, more deserving.

It can be scary being utterly and completely alone. Trust me, I know this.

So you hold onto those “sort-of” relationships, thinking it’s better than nothing.

But believe me – it’s not.

Let go of the past, the what-if’s, and the sort-of‘s which are all poor excuses for relationships – and make room in your heart for the real deal…then you’ll be truly ready and it’ll come.