Food, Fun, And Forts – The Ultimate #StayDate


One of the great things about being in a new relationship is that constant desire to spend all of your time with one another. I find myself craving nights in, curled up with my new boothang and just wanting to spend that quality one-on-one time together. Which actually works out well, because between doing the 9 to 5 Monday – Friday thing, a calendar chock full of events and meetings in the evenings, and trying to squeeze in time for workouts to keep my sanity – come Friday night I’m all for staying in…and that’s exactly what we did.

Sure – going out is great (we actually did put on adult clothes on Saturday and go out for dinner), but not all date nights need to be elaborate. There is something to be said for having a #StayDate – a casual, quiet date night in.

Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on.


When it comes to planning the perfect #StayDate – my freinds at Molson know what’s up. They sent me the perfect #StayDate care package full of tips and tricks (not to mention some of their new delicious Molson Canadian 67 Session IPA to try!).


While playing around with what I have dubbed the #StayDate Wheel o’ Fun – I cracked open a can of the new Molson Canadian 67 Session IPA and read over some of the tips and tricks that Molson suggested.

1. Quality Over Quantity
Maximize quality time on your #StayDate by ditching your devices and focusing on your better half.

2. Chill That Drink
Warm beer? No problem. Wrap a wet paper towel around your can or bottle, and put it in the fridge for 20 minutes – a fast forwarded chill.

3. Have More Time For Your #StayDate
Get evening tasks out of the way before your #StayDate to maximize chill time. Workout at lunch and plan your date night meal in advance.

4. Set The Mood
Nothing says #StayDate like a perfectly cued pre-made play list on your fave music site and candles. The date night atmosphere is set instantly!

5. Spruce Up Your Space
Start your evening off clutter free, by focusing on major surfaces for a five minute clean. Stick shoes in a closet, and sweep clutter into drawers. Also, dim the lights – that’ll hide any leftover mess!

Your #StayDate doesn’t have to be the typical “pop in a movie and stare at a screen all night” date. One look at the #StayDate Wheel O’ Fun and I knew that our #StayDate would be anything but! With suggestions like Couples Yoga and Indoor Camping – even the laziest of lazy couples can plan a fun #StayDate.

Time to break out of our routine and reconnect. Time to get a little playful. Time for the refreshing taste of Molson Canadian 67, and the fruity hop taste and citrus aroma of new Molson Canadian 67 Session IPA. This light Session IPA greets the drinker with inviting fruit and citrus aromas from the balanced blend of hops. Overall, this is the perfect marriage of a flavourful and hoppy beer that finishes with the clean, crisp, refreshing taste of Molson Canadian 67.

Whether you’re in a new relationship, or have been with your bae forever-ever, when it comes to planning your next date night, maybe it’s time to try planning a #StayDate. Follow the tips that Molson provided, stock up on their new Molson Canadian 67 Session IPA – and plan the ultimate date night in.

Not for nothing, but I suggest building a pillow fort.

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