I’m Not Lazy…I’m Time Efficient (Or Hungover) – But truLOCAL Saved The Day(s)

One of my new-found favourite pastimes is getting up on Saturday or Sunday morning and heading to the grocery store with Mike to do a big shop. We’ll get stuff to make for breakfast that morning (along with the obligatory stop at the liquor store for brunch cocktail necessities), a variety of things for lunches throughout the week, and usually at least a few days worth of dinner supplies. It’s something so simple and pure – but when we go, it’s just he and I spending that time together. No phones as distractions, no TV to watch…just the two of us cracking jokes throughout the supermarket.

trulocal meat subscription (1)

That being said, this lovely pastime doesn’t get to happen on a regular. Sometimes Mike works on the weekend, sometimes we’re very lazy and prefer to just stay home and in our PJs all day (or, as was the case most recently – I was too hungover thanks to the #TIFFBachelorParty). But either way – our fridge needs to get stocked and it’s not always convenient to make stops after work for whatever we need for dinner. Especially when we have a really busy week lined up, with a few different days scheduled of entertaining guests at our place.

Such was the case recently when we had a few friends over for a BBQ and games night, then Mike’s parents over for another BBQ the following day…not to mention our weekly date night dinners at home which is another favourite pastime of mine.

Luckily, my friends at truLOCAL reached out to at literally the most perfect time!

truLOCAL is introducing simple monthly meat plans that deliver high-end, locally sourced meat products right to your door, anywhere in Ontario.

It was so simple! Almost too easy, actually. LOL

truLOCAL meat subscription

I logged on to the truLOCAL website, chose my plan (I went with a one-time, 1-person box because this was a trial provided by truLOCAL for me to review their service). I picked which meats I preferred, and bing-bang-boom – I was done.

A few days later, the box was delivered and our freezer was fully stocked with locally sourced meat products from across Ontario. While yes, they are delivered frozen (I forgot that part when I planned a BBQ date night at home for the day they were delivered – oops!) – they are frozen fresh. This means that when the meats are thawed, they’re as fresh as the day they were frozen. Plus – everything is individually wrapped, making it easy to look in your freezer and decide what to take out to thaw.

So, the day before my friend James and his fiancé Kapo came over for a BBQ and board games night – I took out a whole bunch of chicken thighs and sausages for our feast. Then, for the dinner that Mike’s parents came over for – we had even more chicken thighs and some homemade burgers.

Side note – Mike makes the most amazing burgers, you should ask him about them the next time you see him.

But by having all of this at home already, I didn’t have to stress about going to the store in between the two get-togethers. Which made my life that much easier, and gave me more time to clean the house before anyone arrived. LOL

I was going to share my recipe for my spicy jerk rub that I used on the last of our truLOCAL delivery (pork chops) that I made last night, but…while they came out delicious (Mike even went back for seconds!) – the rub seeped into my cast iron skillet way too much while cooking. This resulted in a smoky house, and left us with trouble breathing because the spices were just too much too handle in the air and burned our throats, and eyes. So – no “after” pictures were taken because I couldn’t see through the tears forming my eyes…on the plus side – my sinuses have never been clearer! ?

Anyways, back to the awesomeness that is truLOCAL!

So, if you’re incredibly busy and are looking for a healthy, easy alternative to ensure your freezer is always stocked with locally sourced meats from Ontario – look no further!

truLOCAL meat subscription

truLOCAL is easy to use, conveniently delivers right to your door, and offers the choice between a variety of pork, lamb, beef, and fish products.

Disclaimer: My truLOCAL box was complimentary, however – as always, my thoughts and opinions are my own and they really did save the day in our house on many occasions!

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