#TogetherWithTwoOceans and The Bachelorette Canada


If you follow me on Twitter and Snapchat – you’ll know that I am obsessed with a fan of the whole Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise franchise.

Over the past couple of seasons, I have actually scheduled my time around the weekly episodes because one of my favourite things to do is pour myself a glass of wine, or two, and live-tweet while I watch the shows.

Truthfully – there isn’t much reality TV that I watch on a regular basis, but these shows have pulled me in and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight!

Especially now that The Bachelorette has come to Canada.

the bachelorette canada

Just two weeks ago, The Bachelorette Canada aired for the very first time. There is an entertaining cast of gentlemen* vying for the love and attention from Canada’s first-ever Bachelorette, Jasmine. Don’t let the fact that this is the Canadian-version of The Bachelorette fool you – it’s just as drama-filled as the US counterpart!

We’ve seen the guys meet Jasmine for the first time; we’ve seen the guys literally wrestly for Jasmine’s attention; we’ve even seen the guys and Jasmine jet off to Jamaica where a game of Spin-the-Bottle – Truth or Dare style, was played with a bottle of Two Oceans Wine.

Two Oceans Wine is one of the sponsors of The Bachelorette Canada, and the The Bachelorette Canada Aftershow, and they were generous enough to send me out my very own viewing party kit. Full of wine, snacks, comfy socks and a blanket – I’m now all set to live tweet my way through the entire The Bachelorette Canada season!


While it’s still very early in the season – off of first impressions, I’m a big fan of Mikhel’s. He seems sweet, and caring, and most importantly – he seems genuine. Like – did you see when he kissed Jasmine for the first time? With his hands on her face, in between kisses, he whispered “My hands are trembling,” because he was so nervous. #swoon

RelationshipGoals: find someone who's so excited to kiss me that his hands tremble like Mikhel’s on #BacheloretteCA Click To Tweet

What’s awesome is that Two Oceans Wine and The Bachelorette Canada have made it even easier, and more fun, to follow along each week! You can head to their website and download your very own Watch Party Kit. This kit comes with invitations that you can send out to your friends, recipes for some delicious food and drink, and of course – the best part, the games!

Download your Watch Party Kit HERE and join me online tonight, and every Tuesday night all season long, as we see if Canada’s first-ever Bachelorette will find true love on The Bachelorette Canada.

I’m also going to share some recaps and my thoughts on each episode here on le blogaroo, so stay tuned for that!

* I am using the term ‘gentlemen’ loosely here because, well…to be honest…some of them don’t appear to be gentlemen…more so d-bags…*cough* I’m looking at you, Drew *cough*

pictures courtesy of: wnetwork.ca and me