One Year…Too Many Swipes – A Year Of Online Dating

one year of online dating

Fun Fact: All the below pictures (except Casper) are taken from my personal online dating profiles/apps.

It’s been almost a full year since I dove into the online dating world. And while it hasn’t been all fun and games, and there has actually been some heartache along the way – I have learned a few things.

The dos and don’t of online dating, if you will.

Since I am oh-so-generous, I thought I would share my wise words and tidbits with y’all.


Bro, be creative.

lack of creativity

I cannot tell you how many initial messages I recieved that simply said, “Hi,” or “Hey.” Seriously, it’s quite ridiculous and I can only assume you are mass messaging a million girls and therefore are too darn lazy to actually read my profile. For if you had, I’m sure you’d be capable of coming up with something that would maybe reference my bio, showing that you actually read it. While online dating may be daunting, or even downright exhausting – if you really are looking for something, you have to put a little effort in.

Think before you post, boys and girls.

Wedding Pic on Tinder

I think this picture says it all. Do not post your wedding picture on your Tinder profile. Do not post a picture of you and your ex, or worse – your current partner. Yes, the above gentleman may be a groomsman or best man in said wedding, but either way – why take the chance? Also – I’m the one who covered their faces…he was showing both. Think you look awesome in that pic, maybe you do…but I’m sure you have others to use. If not…pull out your camera phone and have a friend take a couple shots of you. Bing, bang, boom – don’t be a groom.

Being a Chatty Cathy can get confusing.

One Year Tinder Matches

There have been many times where I have personally carried on multiple conversations. It can get incredibly overwhelming and confusing. But that’s the name of the game, really. Especially on Tinder – let’s be honest. I know shortly after I joined Tinder, I started chatting with a couple of people. And then I just disappeared; I stopped logging on for a little while – and when I came back to the online dating world – one of the guys I was chatting with actually remembered me. We actually ended up picking up where we left off and even dating for a bit (he was referenced on the blog a few times, if you read it regularly, you’ll know who I mean). So really, I think it should be more about quality, then quantity. Find who you have that spark with, the people with whom conversation just flows – and put more effort into them.

Ladies, you can take the initiative.

plenty of fish

I mentioned earlier that your initial message should be catchy. You should read someones profile, ensure your likes and interests align – and then initiate a conversation. Ladies, you can too. Guys know we get bombarded with so many more messages than they. So if you swiped right on that cutie because you were genuinely interested – make the first move and send him a cute, fun message. He’ll love it, and it will even relieve a little pressure off of him. (You’re welcome, guys.)

Casper is the only friendly ghost.

Casper the friendly ghost

Ghosting is the worst. Literally. It’s awful. You go out with someone, everything seems to be going great. Maybe a couple weeks go by, and while things seems perfectly fine – out of nowhere, they just disappear. No more calls, texts are left unanswered – and you are left sitting there wondering, “What the…?” I get it, disappearing can be a whole lot easier than having ‘The Talk,’ but grow a set and grow up. If you have devoted time and energy on someone, the least they deserve is your respect. If you’ve lost that feeling for them, be honest. No one likes it when questions are left unanswered – everyone deserves closure.

C’mon son, really?

Tinder Fail

All I’m gonna say here is…use your own pictures. Please, for the love of God, use your own pictures.

Happy swiping!

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